shanti farming

shanti farming

Friends needed to help on our organic farm in the Dominican Republic :)
21st May 2015 12:00PM
Dominican Republic
Owner: zuni
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Friends needed to help on our organic farm in the Dominican Republic

We need help from april 7th to november 7th and are willing to pay for a round trip ticket for a friend who can help out during the specified dates. also we will give spending money each week as well as Vegetarian food and a hut :)

However, folks are welcome to come and help out at any time and stay for as long as they like. The more friends we have, the more food we can produce, as we have about 50 acres. Folks coming down will have their own hut to stay in and are welcome to eat anything produced on the farm. ( but we suggest bringing a small tent and sleeping mat or a hammock and mosqito net) We do have animal friends providing us with honey, milk, and cheese/yogurt and soon eggs, but we never eat any type of animal here.
We are 100% off the grid, but have a little bit of solar power which you can use. We also have fresh spring water for drinking and a river for swimming. Within walking distance there are waterfalls as well. Thirty minutes to the beach. We have poor cellular reception, though, and no internet connection. We do not go into town much as there is a lot to do here. If you would like to help us out, please call us at 809 672 9621. ask for sara :) Leave a voicemail if no one answers,(however if we don't respond call back its cause sometimes we do not recieve the voice mails :( as the reception is quite bad.soooo..... Keep trying if no one answers, or send a text.
Much love,
Shanti Farm

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  • zuni
    by zuni 2 years ago
    super sheezy !!! yea !!! give me a call and come on down :) always welcome :)
  • sheezy
    by sheezy 2 years ago
    wow it sounds like you live in a beautiful place! I hope you get all the help that you need! i will be calling to lend a hand if needed :)
  • zuni
    by zuni 2 years ago
    it s that time of year again :)