Flowing Presence Spring

Flowing Presence Spring

Celebrate the Beginning of Spring
20th March 2015 07:00PM
Avalon Yoga and Wellness, 10 Winters Lane, Catonsville, MD 21228 21228 Catonsville, MD
Owner: Moonflower
This is a public event.


Come and celebrate the season of new beginnings. The springtime with its newborn power resembles a new beginning in life. The spring energy breaks through winters rigor strongly and boisterously, bringing more light back into the days. Vitality and confidence are the ruling attributes.
The "Yang" quality of the energy wheel is rising and expanding now initiating the momentum for growth and creativity. Springtime is also the time to detox and let go of the old.
Flow into this fresh new season moving through a series of motions which will help you purify, igniting freshness and strength for a new beginning.

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