Intentional Community Think-Tank - Pt. III

Intentional Community Think-Tank - Pt. III

~ 2pm PST / 5pm EST ~ Manifesting Intentional Communities
11th November 2011 02:00PM
Your Place!
This is a public event.


This is happening THIS Friday @ 2pm PST/5pm EST

Call in number to speak with the host
(347)205-9657 or use the skype button on the link above when the show goes live....

A lot of us are talking about getting these intentional communities/ecovillages going. So there's going to be a pow-wow for those of us who are actively trying to manifest this to toss around ideas and communicate what we want, need, and have to offer. Come weigh in and share your perspective. We're all co-creators here so don't be shy. We all have something to offer and we all need a helping hand here and there so let your voice be heard.

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  • Swami Anantananda Giri (Herbguy)
    Here's the archived episode. Thanks to everybody who contributed!
  • Swami Anantananda Giri (Herbguy)
    We'll be looking forward to hearing from you. :)
  • Fenrir
    by Fenrir 5 years ago
    ah, so about 4pm central, cool, will keep that in mind, definately want to be there!
  • Swami Anantananda Giri (Herbguy)
    Yeah, the event calender is kind of weird like that sometimes. It is tomorrow @ 2.
  • Fenrir
    by Fenrir 5 years ago
    ok I am confused... it says this friday at 2 am, and the event callender is saying its today, but it is thursday... when is this actually going on?
  • Swami Anantananda Giri (Herbguy)
    Gotta do what you gotta do, man. We'll be looking forward to having you back though.
  • Reset
    by Reset 5 years ago
    Erg...I'd love to say I could make this one but this is the last week of the show I'm doing so after this I'm all free!