Intentional Community Think-Tank - Pt. IV

Intentional Community Think-Tank - Pt. IV

2pm PST / 5pm EST / 10pm GMT
25th November 2011 02:00PM
This is a public event.


This is a pow-wow for those of us who are actively trying to manifest intentional communities to toss around ideas and communicate what we want, need, and have to offer. Come weigh in and share your perspective. We're all co-creators here so don't be shy. We all have something to offer and we all need a helping hand here and there so let your voice be heard. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Note: We're skipping a week to try on a biweekly show for size.
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Note: Fenrir will be coming aboard as a host, in addition to me. If anybody else wants to collaborate on this, let us know. Collaboration is the entire point here.

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  • Swami Anantananda Giri (Herbguy)
    I'm not familiar with those, no.
  • Fenrir
    by Fenrir 5 years ago
    havnt looked into intelegent streets, but Mary and I are wanting to work on an intelegent house, complete with learning AI system.

    as far as city planning methodology, it is really depending on the types of structures, and the needs of the community that dictate these things as well as the type of community people are looking to build.

    I can't really say I ever heard of Teatro del Agua, though Mary and I are looking into manipulating many different forms of aquaculture for different aspects and needs of the community.
  • ZELDAdog
    by ZELDAdog 5 years ago
    Has anyone yet discussed intelligent streets or homes? There are some pretty interesting advantages to setting this kind of thing up, so long as you can design around the creepy Homeland Security-esque stuff. I'm really looking at it for energy saving/management in my home (which I cannot yet afford to build), but it could make for an interesting tech industry in any intentional community.

    Also, what about a city planning methodology? I'll see what I can do about getting the docs on how my current town does its planning so we can have a jumping off for that.

    And, has anyone looked at the Teatro del Agua? That is a tech that I want to see in a town's water system. It could be tied to the storm water system...