TyPE 1 RADIO LOUNGE with Darren Deojee

TyPE 1 RADIO LOUNGE with Darren Deojee

Type1Radio 2012 - Beyond Possilities
22nd April 2012 06:00PM
Owner: Psonik
This is a public event.


We welcome Darren Doejee back to the Lounge on this Sunday Special. Darren has been here in Brighton presenting his talks on the Peoples Public Trust and Heal-thy Relationships. He will be in the lounge in person to discuss updates on these topics and alot more...

As this is the lounge please call in an join the conversation...

Call or Skype !

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  • Psonik
  • Brenden human

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  • Reset
    by Reset 5 years ago
    Drat! Totally forgot about the Sunday show. Played volleyball with friends in the afternoon as I won't be seeing them for a while.

    Sorry I missed it! Catch it in the archives I suppose.
  • Psonik
    by Psonik 5 years ago
    Thank you Brenden, your support is much appreciated brother :)
  • Brenden human
    by Brenden human 5 years ago
    Looking forward to todays show! the type 1 lounge has been amazing, I really appreciate everything you all are creating.... Best wishes friends.
  • phichick
    by phichick 5 years ago
    Depending on the time, I hope to be there.