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The Intel Hub was originally founded in early 2010 by Shepard Ambellas and co-founded by Alex Thomas. Bob Tuskin also works directly with The Intel Hub.

The Intel Hub is a beacon of free speech that hosts many different ideas and topics that the corporate media is simply too scared to cover.

Whether it be Geo-Politics, Human Rights, the Ever Evolving Police State, or the New World Order, The Intel Hub brings you real news and information that you can count on.

The Intel Hub Radio and Intel Hub News Brief Podcast has interviewed hundreds of experts, researchers, and opinion makers include Freeman himself, Steve Quayle, Gerald Celente, James Corbett, Webster Tarpley, Robert Scott Bell, Federal Jack, Richard Saunder, Lucus from the Rabbithole2, Andrew Gavin Marshall, Stanton Friedman, Dr. Paul Connet, Chris Everard, Susan Lindauer, Jack Blood, Michael Murphy, and many many more.

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Expose the banking cartels that openly run our country and continue to expose the ever evolving police state that we now find ourselves in.

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  • Dcoda
    by Dcoda 5 years ago
    Exposing the control mechanisms is important, but I think its even more important to reveal methods of empowering freedom. The project I'm working with teaches people how to gain control over their own health, the freedom to be well...rather essential to doing anything at all. Its a new school of herbal/alternative medicine that's played as a serious game...has its own alternative economy to support healers. I'd like to talk with someone at IntelHub about the Herbal Coaching Community, everyone needs to know about it now.
  • cdub
    by cdub 5 years ago
    *Its weird that I learned more about Hot Springs colorful gangster past from a documentary made up at the U of A than from my family (thats what I meant to say) considering I inherited a little bit of money because my great aunt and uncle were on the ground floor of combined Insurance which sold inexpensive policies to farmers but grew into AON which is the largest insurance provider, I think. My Great Uncle Johnny was interesting. I barely knew him but he was a gangster and minor league ball player and his brother Gordon was one of the guys that gave you a talkin to with his fists for the family business if need be, from what I gather.
  • cdub
    by cdub 5 years ago
    I'm interested in ley lines and used a program that overlays a ley line scheme over the google map. The closest one to me here in Little Rock, AR goes right through Jacksonville AFB. Also, I'll post a video about this crystal vortex talk about Pinnacle Mtn., here in LR, and up in Eureka Springs. Arkansas is just weird in a cool way. People not from here are trained to make fun of it and its people and I can't tell you how many times customer service people feel its ok to say the meanest things casually about Arkansas. I feel sorry for their misplaced confidence. I'm from Hot Springs and its weird that I learned more about the Gangster influence in the former casino town turned first national park. There is a statue and road named after Albert Pike and I didn't learn about any of that until after I was 18. Its like the perfect place to keep a secret. Supposedly, alot of rich folk are building bunkers up in the ozarks around walmart HQ. You get the idea.
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