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A place for people to discuss local, national, and international pot policy, culture, and cultivation with dignity. The purpose of this group is to organize toward rational pot policy. Also, a place for kind folk to discuss relevant topics.

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  • Japhy
    by Japhy 1 year ago
    Greetings all! i live in South Korea; a country literally DROWNING in alcohol, BUT rapidly opposed to the "evil" weed. Real irony here is that in the "wicked" & "repressive" regime of Kim Jung Un, you can smoke ALL the pot you want and never worry about a thing. What's WRONG with this picture?
  • tommy 0
    by tommy 0 3 years ago
    poke smot!!! a great safe drug to do ontil you get tired of it. I love it and would stand up for it anyday but it is a drug that can open your mind and make it wonder to other things which isnt totally bad either. i love drugs and have tried em all except coccaine in crack form. Drugs were always here and always will be for a reason and it is up to mankind to learn how to use them. JUST PLEASE STICK TO POT WHEN YOU DO EXP MAKE SURE IT GROWS FROM EARTH. heroin well good luck i took some very potent stuff yest and stopped breathing. it is dangerous and strong. since it is on the street you dont kno how strong it is. -- smoke weed everyday--
  • Grego
    by Grego 5 years ago
    If you like REAL Underground, Non-mainstream Hip-hop, add me as a friend and Join my group!
  • Ang
    by Ang 5 years ago
    Okay so heres my favorite quote of the day "people who grow shitty weed needto take responsiblity for it there the ones who grew the shitty weed."
  • Albert
    by Albert 5 years ago
    The reason hemp fiber is not as popular presently is because of its association with drug use. The most useful hemp fiber is derived from the plant Cannabis sativa. In modern day America, hemp (meaning the roots, stalks and stems of the Cannabis plant) is legal to posses. The flowers, buds, and leaves of the plant, however, are considered to be associated with the drug, marijuana, and are illegal to possess. Since it is impossible to grow hemp without being in possession of marijuana, the United States does not currently produce any industrial hemp products. Yet, recent research, coupled to a change in the tide of popular opinion, is returning hemp to the forefront of the textile industry. Many other countries, which never ceased their hemp production, export their products to the United States.
  • Ken Schauer
    by Ken Schauer 5 years ago
    Well so much for contacting The only Contact info is a out of service phone number
  • Psonik
    by Psonik 5 years ago
  • dudeface
    by dudeface 6 years ago
    posted a little info on hemp protein powder in the forum if anybodys interested

  • Apparition
    by Apparition 6 years ago
    High all !

    Just received my ticket for the International Cannabis & Hemp Expo in Oakland CA September 3rd &4th.

    Give me a shout if anyone else here is attending.
  • Transcend
    by Transcend 6 years ago
    Northern Lights baby... ; )