Meet The Locals

Meet The Locals

A Place To Connect With Those Near You - Add Yourself To Our Growing Physical FoF Map!
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Add yourself to the map and let's figure out where we're all at!

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  • Psonik
    by Psonik 10 months ago
    Googles security might have changed since we set this up 5 years ago...
  • Supersymmetric
    by Supersymmetric 10 months ago
    Me too Human Observer... Think it wanted me to sign out of google and back in with the login but didn't seem a good idea to me... Anyway I'm from the little peninsula that sticks out in the middle left of the UK!
  • Human Observer
    by Human Observer 11 months ago
    What up guys, Houston here. Anybody figure out how to add themselves to the map yet? I try to login but it's asking for a security verification. I think they need to display the phone number that the account was set up with so we can get past the verification.
  • talulah
    by talulah 1 year ago
    I'm in Medford!!
  • Stacy
    by Stacy 1 year ago
    I'm not sure how to use the map! I saw the email and password but I tried logging into the site with it and it didn't work.
  • Stacy
    by Stacy 1 year ago
    Hi! Anybody out there in Los Angeles? If so, friend me!
  • Fiver
    by Fiver 1 year ago
    If anybody is coming to Washington DC please contact me :)
  • Japhy
    by Japhy 1 year ago
    South Korea. MAJOR dankruptcy here :( Meanwhile in the "repressive" & "tyrannical" NORTH
  • cats pajamas
    by cats pajamas 2 years ago
    Kiaora from Northland New Zealand...the end of the world, literally. Any Kiwis out there? PM me and say hi if you want :-)
  • Terry
    by Terry 2 years ago
    Hi from the Sierra Mountain foothills, northern CA.


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