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The reason I found out about this social network here, is that I did not rest in the search for truth, nor will I now that I am here.

Out there are thousands of ideas and theories what holds the world together, what conspiracies are running, if there are extraterrestrials here and what is the role of magic. I even heard very contrary theories about Jesus and Christianity, as well as the inner self and spirit of the humans.

For example, some say that magic is generally evil and creates vibrations that are just evil, others say it's up on you and someone else would say that there simply is no good or evil. This question is not concluded for me and thats why I find it disturbing to use these ancient symbols or positioning for a certain religion/ideology.

I mean, the logo of this page here could be interpreted as three sixes and three eyes of horus.

I am really looking forward to read about your ideas towards the expose of deception in the fields of music, politics, philosophy, magic, spirituality, etc.

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