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In the Kitchen

A place to swap recipes for those of us that love to cook.
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A place to swap recipes for those of us that love to cook. For all types of cooking that includes grilling and bar-b-queing.

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  • Jose
    by Jose 1 year ago
    bbq nopales r also delicious
  • Jose
    by Jose 1 year ago
    fried chile hueros with eggs is a good breakfast
  • Phoenix
    by Phoenix 2 years ago
    I have a really delicious smoothie recipe. No special name, just really good and healthy. This is pretty much a recipe you can play around with however you like. There are a few ingredients that I'd say stay in the recipe no matter how else you modify it and those are;
    Yogurt 2-3 tablespoons {plain or flavored but, no fruit added}
    Peanut Butter :about 2 tablespoons:{organic}
    2 bananas
    Olive oil {about 1-2 teaspoons depending on how much you make}
    1 cup Apple juice {homemade or organic}
    In MY version I almost always use;
    Strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, grapes, fresh baby spinach, pineapples. Sometimes I'll add other fruits as well but, I always stick with blueberries, strawberries, grapes and spinach. Just throw it all in the blender and mix til its a smoothie consistency. :) Honestly, I never really measure when adding the ingredients. You will definitely taste the peanut butter and the fruit over powers any taste of spinach and the olive oil, you won't even notice its there except for having hydrated skin and being healthier. So, This could be for someone who hates veggies but, loves fruit. You can pretty much modify it however you'd like. Its got protein, and all sorts of good vitamins. Enjoy!! :)
  • Makerofstuff
    by Makerofstuff 3 years ago
    Just joined up, now I need to get a recipe in here...hmmmm... I'll be back when I can think something up.
  • Grimble Grumble
    by Grimble Grumble 5 years ago
    This sounds amazing!!! What an awesome technique too...
    I WILL do this soon...
  • Wes
    by Wes 5 years ago
    Awesome group ! I love to cook.
  • Vladmir not Vladimir
    by Vladmir not Vladimir 5 years ago
    Heirloom Special Rice with Navel Orange and marinated shredded cabbage:

    Serves 4

    Purple heirloom thai rice or wild rice with jasmine, only 1 1/2 cups of water to one cup of rice... lay the cooked rice as a round base.
    Slice the top and bottom off the navel orange and take off the rest cutting around with a razor sharp knife leaving no white stuff preferably... cut the orange into halves and cut 8 crescents out of each half... lay four orange crescents on each bed of rice and top with a pinnacle of super finely shredded cabbage dipped in FRESH lemon juice, just pinch it together and twist it slightly to get a spiral Eiffel Tower looking thing on top.
    As a garnish you can sprinkle some rice around it and put two fresh Cocoa beans to further cleanse the palate.
  • dan
    by dan 5 years ago
    Salmonella Free - Chicken Marinades for grilling

    Tex-Mex; Bacardi Rum or Tequila Chicken
    1.) In a non- metallic container- Plastic bag works
    Place 8 pieces of cut up chicken – pour 1 cup of Rum (light or dark rum) or tequila, and the juice of four green Limes- Chipotle juice and peppers to taste. Marinate overnight in refrigerator. Grill over low - covered heat.
    Mesquite fire wood seems to really bring out the favor.

    2.) A Southern American Black Chicken recipe;
    Can be slow grilled or oven roasted
    One cup of Bourbon- ½ cup of Honey- ¼ cup of dark soy sauce- 1 spoonful of Black pepper course ground (a dash of Tabasco optional) - marinate as above- Hickory fire wood works best

    Enjoy them under a starry night- they are sure to send you into Orbit
  • Koala
    by Koala 6 years ago
    That sounds like some good granola!
  • worldgirl84
    by worldgirl84 6 years ago
    I made nearly perfect granola last night. Finally! I've been experimenting with it all summer and finally got it right just in time for cool weather! More syrup than oil and less is more when it comes to toasting (because it keeps cooking as it cools). I made chocolate, cashew, coconut granola for the week.