Vegan, Gateway to Consiperacy.

Vegan, Gateway to Consiperacy.

Plant Based Cruelty Free Lifestyle
New York City
United States
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I've created this group to promote plant based vegan lifestyle. In all aspects of life.
I will post photos of delicious plant based dishes to inspire and create a healthy appetite. I am also here to answer questions or help with converting your favorite recipe to make if vegan friendly.
It's easy to go vegan, it's the healthiest thing you can do for your body and mind not to mention how much torture, murder, rape you won't be contributing and the environment will thank you for it as well!

The number one cause of global warming is all the carbon monoxide gas being produced by the tremendous amounts of cow manure.

We are cutting down forests to make farm land to create green house effect and cause endless suffering and sickness.

You eat the suffering and that suffering creates the cancers and heart disease and a whole other slew of ailments and illnesses.

Stop eating their Poisons! They want you to be Sick, Addicted to their Drugs and Slaving away to support this New World Order.

Food is being used as a drug to control us all and lull us to sleep, it's time to Wake Up!

Go Vegan!

Choose the righteous path of your mind!

Love to you All!


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