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I'm working toward getting an intentional community set up or getting involved with one. I will be giving updates on my progress as I go.

This is also a place where anybody who wants to get involved with an intentional community, already is, or has been can share their story. Hopefully we can generate enough interest that people can begin networking and collaborating as well.

I want to live somewhere where basic human rights like food and housing are met without financial obligation. I also don't want there to be a monopoly on such an arrangement. Lets work together toward acquiring land, building our homes, and becoming self-sufficient. It all starts with an idea. Trade them freely. Dream big. Speak freely and from the heart. Your passion for your fresh ideas is contagious. If there is to be a revolution worth having, this is how it will begin, in my humble opinion.

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  • zuni
    by zuni 3 years ago
    hi friends i m still offering a round trip ticket for a friend who can help out on the farm for 3 months from april to july ! plus free place to stay.....and organic veg food.... however must be a camp loving friend....cause off the grid is alot like camping :) if intrested please give us a call....ask for sara
    809 672 9621
    shanti farm
  • zuni
    by zuni 3 years ago
    Friends needed to help on our organic farm in the Dominican Republic

    We need help from april 7th to july 7th and are willing to pay for a round trip ticket from the US (or partial financial help from another country) for a friend who can help out during the specified dates. However, folks are welcome to come and help out at any time and stay for as long as they like. The more friends we have, the more food we can produce, as we have about 50 acres. Folks coming down will have their own hut to stay in and are welcome to eat anything produced on the farm. ( but we suggest bringing a small tent and sleeping mat or a hammock and mosqito net) We do have animal friends providing us with honey, milk, and cheese/yogurt and soon eggs, but we never eat any type of animal here.
    We are 100% off the grid, but have a little bit of solar power which you can use. We also have fresh spring water for drinking and a river for swimming. Within walking distance there are waterfalls as well. Thirty minutes to the beach. We have poor cellular reception, though, and no internet connection. We do not go into town much as there is a lot to do here. If you would like to help us out, please call us at 809 672 9621. ask for sara :) Leave a voicemail if no one answers,(however if we don't respond call back its cause sometimes we do not recieve the voice mails :( as the reception is quite bad.soooo..... Keep trying if no one answers, or send a text.
    Much love,
    Shanti Farm
  • zwag
    by zwag 4 years ago
    Hello everyone! My name is Darrell Waters, and I'm interested in helping to start a Christian commune in/near Pensecola, Florida, and/or in/near Atmore Alabana. I'd like fro a core group of leaders to be in charge instead of just one leader like myself, for one thing, because I'm new at this. I'm a Christian and I'm praying about other Christians joining me. I want the commune to be similar to the JPUSA Commune and the Allalujia community.

    The allalujiah community is enother denominational, and the JPUSA commune is in a hotel, and they have many different jobs. I hope to have an enterdenominational comune in an appartment complext at least to begin with, then evenutally move into a hotel. I hpe to start with at least 100 people. Here are the two commune/communities web sites. and

  • Grego
    by Grego 5 years ago
    If you like REAL Hip-hop, add me as a friend and Join my group!
  • Swami Anantananda Giri (Herbguy)
    The intentional community I am working with has accomplished a lot but is still going to need a leg up here and there to get fully self-sufficient. This is a good opportunity to give something back to the earth, IMO. Projects I'm working on personally at the moment that are being held up by funding/materials are chicken tractors (and other livestock tractoring enclosures) a worm bin, and food forests. Specific things I need to proceed are fruit tree (apple, pear, peach, plum, cherry, fig) saplings, seedlings, cuttings (best procured from one of our local nurseries) and/or heirloom seeds. For tractoring I need wire mesh and and various other things that could be obtained with a Lowe's gift card as well as various livestock (chickens, goats, sheep). For a worm bin, an 1,800 ct. box of red wigglers, while not necessary as worms can be found gradually onsite, would jump start the project and only costs about $25 to order online.

    Earth Tribe Trust

    498 Jenkins Branch Rd

    Irvine, KY 40336
  • Swami Anantananda Giri (Herbguy)
    I am on the ground in Kenucky with some real people, doing it for the right reasons. There's no aging hippies here trying to pass the buck on the mortgage, nobody saying you have to believe a certain thing or dress a certain way, and nobody trying to hide from the world in their secluded garden. There is work to be done and those who add their skills , labor, and/or resources to this already formidable entity that is assembling and gaining momentum as we speak, can co-create (in my opinion) THE most viable solution to the status quo (other than self-work[which this also is in a way]) rather than just resigning oneself to a miserable existence in dystopia. Seeds, funding, or any other resources a person could imagine might be useful are all welcome but what we really need are more people who are the real deal here on site helping to make things happen. I understand not everybody sees things the way I do. That's OK, it's not my place to dictate what another does. Others may be on the fence or not in a position to make it happen just yet. I say, get in the position to make stuff happen. Many hands make light work and I hope people are moved to help make a difference.

    Earth Tribe Trust
    498 Jenkins Branch
    Irvine, Kentucky 40336
  • involved_observer
    by involved_observer 5 years ago
    In Sacramento with a friend who is putting together a festival next month in Northern California. He has a huge piece of land - 1 square mile - that he is going to begin developing into a sustainable community immediately following the festival.

    This community is looking for people involved in permaculture, alternative energy, natural construction and every aspect of sustainability to come together and develop this piece of land. Check out the festival website-
  • Swami Anantananda Giri (Herbguy)
    Making my way to visit an intentional community in Kentucky in the near future. :D It is in the formative stages right now. A great opportunity for those who really want to be involved in the process of co-creating the solution.
  • Spaceman Spiff
    by Spaceman Spiff 5 years ago
    Hey there fellow humans: please check out our farm & intentional community's kickstarter page! I'm not trying to be a spamming jerk here, but we need all the help we can get!! Please share this link with as many people as you can, and donate if possible. Post it here, on your facebook wall, on forums you may hang out in, etc. WE ONLY HAVE 5.5 MORE DAYS TO REACH OUR FUNDING GOAL, AND IT'S ALL OR NOTHING! We are creating a mobile canning kitchen out of mostly recycled and 2nd hand materials to take around to other farms, communities and backyard gardens to help, while also teaching how, to preserve food. Proper nutrition for ALL humans is SO important during this time of transitions. More explanation on the kickstarter page here:

    Loving you all!
  • Spaceman Spiff
    by Spaceman Spiff 5 years ago
    Hey there fellow humans: please check out our intentional community's kickstarter page! I'm not trying to be a spamming jerk here, but we need all the help we can get!! We only have 14 more days to reach our funding goal. We are making a mobile canning kitchen out of mostly recycled and 2nd hand materials to take around to other farms, communities and backyard gardens to help to while also teaching how to preserve food. More explanation on the kickstarter page here:

    Loving you all!