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A place to share and recommend books we should all read...
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In the age of the web, it sometimes hard to put down the computer and relax with a good here we can share and recommend books we love and think others will too !
Books are magical - they let the imagination create, they give us knowledge and increase our vocabulary in a world of 140 character twitter updates, blog posts and facebook updates.
So lets share, turn off and curl up with a good book :)

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  • Psonik
    by Psonik 1 year ago
    I'm glad this place is still active :)
  • Normal
    by Normal 1 year ago
    Dear Freeman's Library People.
    I also have a library here in NJ USA Inc.
    My latest addition is , first of all a big heavy beautiful green covered
    1828 edition of Noah Webster's American Dictionary.
    It is not an original first edition or anything.
    If it was a first edition, I would probably not have time to play the fiddle on this keyboard here, because if it was a 1st edition I would be so rich in cash that I would be jetting over the ocean to Amsterdam Netherlands and exploring all the relaxing coffee over there.
    It's funny, even though when in Amsterdam one might visit various and many different coffeeshops and drink their special menu items just wandering all day and night, it doesn't matter how much actual coffe one might drink, for some strange reason, one just feels like life is better living in a cloud of haze than living here in The Corporation Nation.
    Normal is sweating from all this typing here.
    Normal needs some coffee and I hope to meet and greet many more of you dear, dear people.
    I am now a real people person.
    I am really really good with the people.
    It's just Normal I am having these problems with.
    It must be the methane valve miss function, causing gases to accumulate in the atmosphere of this attic-cave-cell.
    It's like a fooking bloody Dutch Oven in here.
    Someone please get Normal out of this prison!!! !!! !!! !!!
    Help me, I can't breathe these noxious odors any longer.
    check out the movie "Stir Crazy" starring Gene Wilder and the most famous Black Man on the planet[whom I cannot remember his name ] oh Richard Pryor.
    42 minutes into the movie, Gene and Richard are having lunch in school.
    Everyone is relaxing like there is a riot about to start or some other boring everyday activity that happens when we are in school, you know!!! !!! !!!
    So people are chillin' , and suddenly the earth starts rumbling and thumping a bit.
    So you know something big comes this way.
    Not evil, just big, I mean humongus big.
    And what or who it is and why I care?????????????
    Please checkout that movie "Stir Crazy" with Richard Pryor and Gene Wilder, it is on reruns on cable networks like Starz, Encore, Showtime, HBO(which is CIA heavy influence)
    42 minutes in you will see my personal doppelgänger and brother in large group.
    please veiw it , 42minites in , it is so funny because that doppelganger behaves just like me, Normal.
    The poor man is just hungrier than all else and he gets a little cranky when he is hungry!
  • jay
    by jay 1 year ago

    this looks interesting
  • Jay
    by Jay 1 year ago
    Was reading The Alchemist by Paolo Cuehlo a transformative experience for anyone else?
  • Steve
    by Steve 4 years ago
    Always make time to read.
  • Ken Schauer
    by Ken Schauer 5 years ago
    Does anybody have any Steven R. Donaldson ebooks?
  • Psonik
    by Psonik 5 years ago
    Share your ebooks throught the Dropbox group...
  • Fao Tri
    by Fao Tri 5 years ago
    @Ange Illuminated, hey there :) I have all of Aldous Huxley's books EXCEPT the Devils of Loudon...I havent been able to locate that one anywhere. Oddly enough thats how I got all the others. Looking for the one particular book. The search continues though. Welcome to the Library!
  • Ange Illuminated
    by Ange Illuminated 5 years ago
    I have just been given about 15gb of e-books everything from Aldous Huxley to Arthur C Clark. I'm looking forward to sharing thoughts and opinions :)
  • Monty Python
    by Monty Python 5 years ago
    I've seen the libraries of quite a few of the members, and they're pretty impressive. But even in the best library, there may be only a handful of titles of special interest to a given individual. It'd be great if this group could convey the feeling of sifting through someone's library.


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