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Chatroom - Everyone is Welcome! :)

Just chatting and making friends
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Just chatting and making friends

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  • cats pajamas
    by cats pajamas 1 day ago
    Yeah Beagoinia I know Freeman has a nice way about him, sweet guy...makes you feel right at home huh.

    I never followed Marty Leeds and Passio has some great work but I really don't need to listen to him ranting about the roles of women and/or gun control. Each to their own I guess. Lol.
    Its actually something that put me off a lot of alternative media lately. Its not that I don't see how 'feminism and the politically correct left wing" are an illuminaty tool to break up western culture....of course it is the fat controllers just love to mess with everything.
    Its just that I know a lot about womens and social justice issues from the inside. Was brought up in the most redneck sexist racist homophobic bigoted culture imaginable and experienced the hate first hand and became the one everyone tells their god awful stories of abuse to because I actually LISTEN.

    Boy do I not want to go back to that conservative white patriarchal way. Yep that's how New Zealand has always been, and I'm glad that the past few years a few good men and women are finally speaking up and hopefully making changes to the epidemic of domestic violence and sexual abuse which is mostly directed from males to women and girls, but men and boys too. And also the endemic racism that affects everyone that doesn't fit in with the "alpha hetero white male" program.
    Oh dear me am I sounding like a bleeding heart SJW liberal??!!!
    Its all stupid labels at the end of the day but I do hear a lot of opinion in the alt media that glosses over this stuff. Been thinking of starting a gay/vegan friendly gluten free truth revolution for new age unicorn huggers.
    Anyone wanna join? :-)))

    The world always had enough resources for us to live in harmony with nature and not have to live in the fear and stress of constant war and competition but that's no fun for the soulless psychopaths that appear to be in charge.
    No matter how you look at it we are living unsustainably and whether its destruction by HARRP/EMF weapons and the depopulation agenda or the spirit of Gaia finally getting so pissed off she gives us the almighty shake off I doubt the way we humans operate will go be able to go on like this for much longer.
    I've stopped seeing this as such a bad thing now, the big shake up that so many of us with visionary abilities have seen. The future might well be shocking in some ways but I believe the forces of light will succeed in the end and we will eventually get our heaven on earth.

    Until then I try remember to pray for peace every day and send love to an image of the earth in my heart. I know for a fact that's the kinda thing the black magicians absolutely hate. Its what they spend all their time trying to get us to NOT do. That and praying for the spirit of warriorhood in all those that see the lies to stand up and take back our beautiful planet and take care of ourselves and of her as she should be.
    Yippee lets all do that!!!!

    OK massive rant done with...much love and may all your lives be blessed.
    Om Shanti Om etc etc
    ...over n out, Cats
  • Beagoinia
    by Beagoinia 10 days ago
    Thank you for joining my group! :) I really hope it will be successful.

    My journey started with Marty Leeds and gematria. Then I moved onto Mark Passio and Free Your Mind conference. When I came across Freeman, I was surprised by his light and positive nature and became a member immediately. I am also interested in personal healing. However, conspiracy stuff does not depress me so much. It was difficult in the beginning, I would say it was the darkest time of my life but I learnt to be more positive and try to change the world for the best. I work as a graphic designer and study to be an illustrator. Hopefully, I will be able to affect the community through my art.

    As for self healing, when I was 12 I was really into Katsudzo Nishi. Although he is not known in Europe and the US, he is worth checking out.
  • cats pajamas
    by cats pajamas 11 days ago
    Hello I'm from New Zealand but have family links with the U.K. also, lived there for a while years ago.

    I stumbled over Freeman about 4 years ago, used to spend a lot of time in The Freezone Live chatroom back when it was active every week. Learned a heap, and listening to Freeman helped connect the dots in a way I hadn't been able to before.
    Lately I've been taking a break from focusing on so much conspiracy stuff and more on personal healing. The world's being directed into very dark places right now and strengthening up on the heart vibe feels like the "illuminaty antidote".
    I hope this group takes off a bit...would be good to see more action on this site.
    Best, Cats ;-)
  • Beagoinia
    by Beagoinia 11 days ago
    Hi :) I am Ana, was born in St. Petersburg, Russia, currently live in the UK.


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