Chatroom - Everyone is Welcome! :)

Chatroom - Everyone is Welcome! :)

Just chatting and making friends
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Just chatting and making friends

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  • ToonHead2102
    by ToonHead2102 18 hours ago
    Hi, I was recommended to join this group. I'm in BC, Canada, looking to get back involved with FoF, was mostly off the site for the majority of summer o' 2017, due to 'things got busy' (was attending a college course). My province just recently suffered a major calamity/disaster, one of the largest recorded in Canadian history. MASSIVE forest fires, that's managed to wipe out--geez, I don't know HOW many hectares of forestry! LARGE SCALE evacs for various cities/regions, you get the picture. Wanted to see what others thought of this on the forums, or if anyone's even discussing it?

    I came across Freeman I think around 2012 (was directed toward him in a dream), I joined FoF some time after that, but didn't really get involved with the site until just last summer. I'm SUPER, SUPER shy. I really appreciate the friends I make through 'alternative means' because I don't really have a lot of friends in person/in my home town, and it can make me frustratingly introverted sometimes. I've recently adopted a new nickname. My friends call me Mr. T.
  • cats pajamas
    by cats pajamas 1 month ago
    I had an epic rant posted on this wall last week, just read it today and deleted it coz I'm sick of the sound of the voice of frustration in my heart. I'm sure we can heal this crazy world if we don't loose hope...
  • Beagoinia
    by Beagoinia 2 months ago
    Thank you for joining my group! :) I really hope it will be successful.

    My journey started with Marty Leeds and gematria. Then I moved onto Mark Passio and Free Your Mind conference. When I came across Freeman, I was surprised by his light and positive nature and became a member immediately. I am also interested in personal healing. However, conspiracy stuff does not depress me so much. It was difficult in the beginning, I would say it was the darkest time of my life but I learnt to be more positive and try to change the world for the best. I work as a graphic designer and study to be an illustrator. Hopefully, I will be able to affect the community through my art.

    As for self healing, when I was 12 I was really into Katsudzo Nishi. Although he is not known in Europe and the US, he is worth checking out.
  • cats pajamas
    by cats pajamas 2 months ago
    Hello I'm from New Zealand but have family links with the U.K. also, lived there for a while years ago.

    I stumbled over Freeman about 4 years ago, used to spend a lot of time in The Freezone Live chatroom back when it was active every week. Learned a heap, and listening to Freeman helped connect the dots in a way I hadn't been able to before.
    Lately I've been taking a break from focusing on so much conspiracy stuff and more on personal healing. The world's being directed into very dark places right now and strengthening up on the heart vibe feels like the "illuminaty antidote".
    I hope this group takes off a bit...would be good to see more action on this site.
    Best, Cats ;-)
  • Beagoinia
    by Beagoinia 2 months ago
    Hi :) I am Ana, was born in St. Petersburg, Russia, currently live in the UK.


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