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The Documentarianists

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  • Japhy
    by Japhy 1 year ago
    Q: What was the name of the documentary put out by CBC in Canada? As i recall Wendy Mesley was the host. It dealt with BISPHENOL & the "Disappearing Male". Anyone hard of this one? Thx
  • Japhy
    by Japhy 1 year ago
  • tommy 0
    by tommy 0 3 years ago
    Jesus Camp!!! watch it......Do it
  • Curt
    by Curt 3 years ago
    one year ago... two years ago... just now...
  • Blairo
    by Blairo 4 years ago
    This is my site:

    Films, Documentaries and Interviews from Alternative Media
  • sean scotland
    by sean scotland 5 years ago
    hi everyone
  • Lolly Gaggins
    by Lolly Gaggins 5 years ago
    Lots of great links in this group! Wanted to share my favorite playlist on Youtube that is full of informative documentaries, interviews, & podcasts :)
  • Mattia
    by Mattia 5 years ago
    here is a great site:
    and another link to the doc
  • Mattia
    by Mattia 5 years ago
    Hello everybody check this great doc on the coup attempt in venezuela in 2002
    infortunately the quality is not great but it's a must see !
    the journalists have been able to film all of it from the presidential palace !! unique..."THE REVOLUTION WILL NOT BE TELEVISED"
  • magi
    by magi 5 years ago
    Hi all,
    wanted to share this website...not sure where I got has documentaries , videos you probably seen or haven't seen.

    here is the link ...worth a looksy