The Welcome Committee

The Welcome Committee

We'll friend anyone!
Owner: Jamie
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We'll friend you first, guaranteed! We love you all. This is our agenda.

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  • kaylintinker
    by kaylintinker 1 year ago
    been a subscriber to freemantv for a while but wasn't bright enough to sign up for this till now. I promise I"ll be better person in!! LOL
  • Makerofstuff
    by Makerofstuff 3 years ago
    Hello, new here, and happy to find the site.
  • Janet
    by Janet 4 years ago
    Janet here in Wisconsin...Hello everyone! Welcome!
  • sean scotland
    by sean scotland 5 years ago
    hi everyone
  • natwhilk
    by natwhilk 5 years ago
    Dipping my toe in the water.
  • Reset
    by Reset 5 years ago
    I was wondering what those of us that want to be friends with everyone were called. Now we know...thanks Jamie!
  • Psonik
    by Psonik 6 years ago
    excellent group Jamie :)
  • Ang
    by Ang 6 years ago
    I already try to friend you all ,but sometimes I miss some. I want everyone to feel like there friends are just hanging out waitin to meet up:)
  • Jamie
    by Jamie 6 years ago
    Welcome to the Welcome Committee! Your first stop to enjoying your FOF experience. Studies show that above all, internet users require pictures of funny cats. So from time to time we'll be providing LOLcats for your viewing pleasure.