Manifesting in 5 D

Manifesting in 5 D

collective experiments of manifesting with the energetic body
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Exercising and experimenting with our energetic body to create
a new paradine and healing for a new world.
Consists of
1. focusing on a chakra that 3to4 inches infront and above the the heart chakra. Feeling Love you find that love has a vibratory rate, a vibration.
2 Focusing your intent on the transmuting harmful radiation into a healing ray you gather energy and send out a pulse as you visualize tsunami wave of high energy spreads out like a pebble hitting calm pond outwards into time space foreward and backwards in time sorounding the earth and out to the van allen belts. Seeing the earth becoming balanced, animal and plant life become more vibrant with more vitality.
3.repeat pulses several times during your meditation. Then listen and feel the return wave of that intent. Connect with others waves and create lines of comunication. These lines of comunication assits you in manifesting things for yourself on the personal level also helps you to have a point to develop telepathy

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  • Bob
    by Bob 4 years ago
    I'm not on Facebook but I support you (Jay) & Friends of Freeman. :)
  • 5d Jay
    by 5d Jay 4 years ago
    Anyone Interested in joining a Psychic warfare group on Facebook. Let me know Free Energy Jay
  • Grego
    by Grego 5 years ago
    If you like REAL Hip-hop, add me as a friend and Join my group!
  • Albert
    by Albert 5 years ago
    As Ananda well points out the Amun Ra priest's turn to parasitic soul 'harvesting' at Amenti, rather than using Amenti (Giza complex etc.) to launch new birthing soul groups into stars, corresponds with their fall from the pinoline Soma pineal igniting, to the use of the parasitic Mushroom.
  • MaterX
    by MaterX 5 years ago
    Right on Marylynn! I was just thinking about Dr Emoto about five minutes before I read this. I am fascinated by his work! Thanks for sharing! Looking forward to 2 more cents! :)
  • Marylynn
    by Marylynn 5 years ago
    Oh and the water experiments are Dr. Masaru Emoto.. he is a wonderful guide and help to the earth.. blessings..
  • Marylynn
    by Marylynn 5 years ago
    Enlightenment doesn't not mean changing from the inherit nature of the creature.. but rather just allowing everything to BE. A lion would no more show guilt in killing another animal for food than we would apologize for saving our own lives. It seems that some thing a paradigm of peace and love would be too "boring" and that it is simply against human nature, yet Native Americans learned all too well through years of fighting and brutality that this was not the way and adopted a time of peace. Many hundreds of years of peace as a matter of fact prior to the occupation. It is hard to say that it would not work living in peaceful loving communities.. that perhaps drama is what some must have in their lives.. but I think that is not true. Being a creative soul means that some things work and some things don't in the learning of how to live on this earth and keep our technology that works with her.. that is enough to keep my mind occupied. I have no need for drama.. challenges.. YES! Challenged to bring forth a creative endeavor.. we cannot say that this will not work for we have never even tried.. I for one.. am willing to try.. -smiles- just my 2 cents worth.
  • Free-Energy Jay
    by Free-Energy Jay 5 years ago
    Occupy Everything sunday at
  • Free-Energy Jay
    by Free-Energy Jay 6 years ago
    The true purpose in Manifesting in the 5D is reconnecting with the source. But we must
    Bring to the forefront the collective unconscious and with are awareness and practice.
    This will bring about an interconnectiveness of all peoples, to create a new paradigm. Which in peace, love, and joy are paramount.
  • Free-Energy Jay
    by Free-Energy Jay 6 years ago
    5D Occupy Everything Event
    11/6/2011 noon est
    Guided meditation on skype in support of occupy wallstreet and the new
    paradim shift skype id jay.larson6