The Free-Energy Workshop Group

The Free-Energy Workshop Group

A group of tinkerers experimenting with free enery
This is a public group.


People working together to produce a working model and to
make such units for friends and people at large. To also promoting
new ways to use less energy or to use energy more efficiently.

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  • Phenix
    by Phenix 4 years ago
    Greetings! I am asking that everyone in my networks take a quick look at the "Rollin' Green Project" documentary film I will be shooting across the US this year. Please pass on the information through your networks and help me create the awareness that there IS another way and WE can make things happen, even if only a few people at a time. We would love for as many people to be a small or large part of the project as they would like to be. thanks! We will be documenting Eco-communities, free energy projects, organic farming, and other "off the grid" ways of thriving.
  • Bob
    by Bob 4 years ago
    looks like we just need 4 more members... :)
  • Grego
    by Grego 5 years ago
    If you like REAL Hip-hop, add me as a friend and Join my group!
  • dr.harris
    by dr.harris 5 years ago
    We need to add a couchsurfing-like function to this site so people can actually meet each other!!!!
    Please help get this idea to the webmaster.
  • Free energy Jay
    by Free energy Jay 5 years ago
    Placing free energy files in dropbox, any that don't have dropbox join the drop box group and follow the download instructions.
  • Free energy Jay
    by Free energy Jay 5 years ago
    John Bendini 's website a must read on radiant energy.
  • Psonik
    by Psonik 5 years ago

    quite amazing !!
  • Swami Shivananda Giri
    by Swami Shivananda Giri 5 years ago
    As long as we imagine ourselves to be separate personalities, one quite apart from another, we cannot grasp reality which is essentially impersonal. First we must know ourselves as witnesses only, dimensionless and timeless centres of observation, and then realise that immense ocean of pure awareness, which is both mind and matter and beyond both.

    ~ Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj ~
  • Swami Shivananda Giri
    by Swami Shivananda Giri 5 years ago
    You are not the body: you are not the mind

    You do not have to think that you are the body to be alive. Be very clear, you do not have to think you are the mind to think.

    Someone approached Ramana Maharishi and said, ‘Bhagavan, six rupees (a few cents) is more than enough to live in Tiruvannamalai for one month.’ Ramana’s ashram is located here. In those days, the cost of living was very low.

    Bhagavan replies, ‘To live, even body and mind are not necessary. Why do you need six rupees?’

    Understand, even our body and mind are not necessary to live. When we understand that we are beyond our body, our body becomes graceful. When we understand that we are beyond our mind, our mind becomes intelligent. We start radiating grace and intelligence when we understand that we are beyond body and mind.

    The moment we start thinking that we are the body, we begin suffocating the body, we start forcing the body, we start abusing the body, we start disrespecting the body. When we think we are the body, we start disrespecting and abusing it.

    You can see in your own lives that you destroy your body for the sake of your enjoyments. You will sit and watch a cricket game on television until midnight even when you are tired. Your eyes will be burning and begging you for a little rest. During the commercial breaks your eyes close automatically; but you tell yourself, ‘No, this is not the time for me to sleep.’ When the commercial ends, you start watching the television again. You are abusing your eyes for the sake of your pleasure.

    We abuse and disrespect our body for our ego satisfaction. The moment that we start realizing that we are not the body, we allow the body to function as it is. We allow the body to function naturally.
  • Reset
    by Reset 5 years ago
    Dennis Lee: Undeveloped Technology

    This is a video just over 3 hours with a bunch of segments showing different alternative tech./free-energy sources. It's an older video that is VHS quality but it isn't on youtube either. I'll leave this in my dropbox for a while so those that want to can download it!