This is about suvival or self-sufficiency and food gathering or foraging.
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I would like to make this for people of want to share every thing about survival and self-sufficiency and foraging or food gathering. So we all can find are path. Here are some links for survival I feel are very good 1# ( 2# ( 3# Here is a good site for food gathering or foraging ( 4# More on foraging ( 5# here is a site on other stuff (

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  • justin
    by justin 5 years ago
    does anyoe have the geoff lawson/ bill mollison permaculture dvd course to upload to fileshare, cheers justin
  • Pat
    by Pat 5 years ago
    Are Survival and Self Sufficiency people shy or am I posting in the wrong section? Wondering if anyone has ideas on getting medical supplies. I've been studying and storing herbs for medicinal use but I am lost about anything else. Could someone tell me how they got started gathering supplies, what supplies did you get or any books you found very useful. If someone came to me with any injury all I could do at this point is dump on peroxide and slap on a bandaid (I have 3 whole boxes!). In other words HELP!
  • Pat
    by Pat 6 years ago
    Really into becoming self-sufficent. I just wish sometimes I could do it all but I just don't have time! So I stick with gardening, canning, planning and occasionally panicking (this is my best subject). But I remain calm and just try to figure out how I can get lots and lots of bandaids. I've been canning butter, cheese and carrots and just found out the brand of cheese I bought is fill with gum---yes gum, look on the ingredient label, it's just disgusting. So now I have to find a goat.
  • Swami Anantananda Giri (Herbguy)
    I have a book called "Living on Less", printed by Mother Earth News, which is awesome but it's out of print. If there were a place to upload a .pdf, I wouldn't mind going to the trouble of scanning it in and sharing it.
  • FreeDan
    by FreeDan 6 years ago
    cotton balls pasted with vasoline are a great way to start a campfire, along with a lighter of course.
  • Wescor
    by Wescor 6 years ago
    OK to every one who is in this group or reads its. I would like to share what I know about being self-sufficient. Now threw my studies and experiences I have found the fire is every thing. Fire will give you warmth, it cleanses water, cooks food, keeps bugs and animals away, and it warms your soul in a psychological. Here is a list I have put to gather on the different ways to make fire.
    1# Lighters 2# Matches 3# FireSteel, Ferrocerium Rod, and Flint Steel 4# Fire Piston 5# Magnifying Glass 6# Friction or Bow Drill 7# Potassian Permagante with Glyserin or Antifreeze 8# 9-volt Battery with Steel Wool 10# Clear Water Bags sealed tightly used as magnifying glass 11# Ice carved or shaped as magnifying glass.
  • Ang
    by Ang 6 years ago
    I believe that thriving is ageold knowledge that we were on the verge of looosin g and that could literally set us back to another dark age. Not knowing how to survive long enough to thrive again .To me it seems to survive you need only the basics food water shelterbut to thrive you get things you want clothes, shoes ,soap ,abundance and purpose.Idont just want to know how to knit i want to know how toshear a sheep spinn it to yarn then make a hat
  • Wescor
    by Wescor 6 years ago
    Ok a word on SURVIVAL. Well when we all think of the word survival we most of us think of moment when a person out in the wild country that is not prepared for the rough time they have in the woods, desert, or back country. Whether it be because they became of injured, intense weather, or may be they ran out of water what ever it is. I would like to think of the study of SURVIVAL is the study of THRIVAL. So I feel like it should be to "THRIVE NOT JUST SURVIVE".