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  • Travis
    by Travis 1 year ago
    Search and read: Wes Penre papers
  • Bob
    by Bob 2 years ago
    In the theme of recent postings, I would like to recommend the following article as a penetrating read into the possibility of coming events and this September we are in. ~ Les Visible (
  • Bob
    by Bob 3 years ago
    Here's an interesting article from Natural News:
  • Psonik
    by Psonik 4 years ago
    Thanks for the vids Bob, I'll news bong them for Saturdays show.
  • Grego
    by Grego 5 years ago
    If you like REAL Hip-hop, add me as a friend and Join my group!
  • MaterX
    by MaterX 5 years ago
    i agree with psonik! it could totally be any where here. so very cool.
  • Psonik
    by Psonik 5 years ago
    nice mars pic - could be anoy desert on earth lol
  • dudeface
    by dudeface 5 years ago
    very cool mars skies on mars.................................
  • Albert
    by Albert 5 years ago
    I found this indirectly when learning about fractality and phi ratio. did not expect to find this stuff but I hope you like ENKI SPEAKS
    Messages From Enki: Humanity's Father ! :
  • Psonik
    by Psonik 5 years ago

    Mars illusions...