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  • Reset
    by Reset 5 years ago
    Two streaks going along the bottom quarter of the Sun. One of them goes clear across the screen. Tails of meteors or something else?
  • kat
    by kat 5 years ago
    interesting! nasa says...'um, cosmic rays'. lol

    meteors influence, and are influenced by, electric and magnetic fields, but I'm not sure they have tails, per comets do...but some do travel really fast and could theoretically produce a streak.

    just pondering the possibilities! ;)
  • Reset
    by Reset 5 years ago
    No, you're right. I even thought about it later that night and a comet would make more sense than a meteor.

    Yeah...cosmic rays! Hmmm.

    I'd almost think something like this could just be a strange digital 'artifact' of some sort that happened in the processing of the pictures but that would have been much more relevant on actual film...not so much an issue in the digital age!?

    Same with the photo you posted with the strip in the corner. I'd just been looking at the Sun lately...hadn't even been looking for anomalies! Now I am. ;-)
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