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  • Reset
    by Reset 5 years ago
    Kat said..."It's funny how some people have such a hard time thinking that there could be life elsewhere...with infinite possibilities, there has to be life elsewhere! :)"

    This is my response!
  • kat
    by kat 5 years ago
    Here's a link to an essay discussing the possibility that stars and galaxies aren't as far away as we are being led to beLIEve. The distance of stars is measured by parallax, figuring the angles between earth at two points in relationship to light being in question. This is not accepted practice among all astronomers, and, as an old practice, does not take new information into consideration.

    I can see why they would want us thinking that whatever else is out there is too far from our reach. They are isolating us from the Universe and all it's wonders, merely giving us visuals to wet our optic palate. After all, if our cosmic neighbors were closer, then our connection to the Universe and our inherent freedoms would be actualized! :)
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