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Any thing you can imagine can become real. It usualy starts as a book
like jules verne 10,000 leages under the sea and ends up in real life.
Teleportation cloning timetravel are some of its children.

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  • deano
    by deano 3 years ago
    Hi all i invite you to research four pdfs which i uploaded today all the best from deano
  • BaronVonGerhard
    by BaronVonGerhard 4 years ago
    Is there a group on this? What are your thoughts??
  • yo momma
    by yo momma 5 years ago
    this must be the place :) xoxoxoxoxoxox
  • Vladmir not Vladimir
    by Vladmir not Vladimir 5 years ago
    @Free-Energy Jay there is an explosive called HMX. I forget exactly what it is but Cyclo-hexamethylaminetrinitramine or RDX is a by product of HMX manufacture in a manner of speaking. I think they use HMX for the ICBM's and more likely for the implosion technique (that would be a bit classified). So one would wonder just a bit why the army routinely disposes of C4?
  • Vladmir not Vladimir
    by Vladmir not Vladimir 5 years ago
    I wonder if you can seal the broken lattice on the outside of a diamond lattice with nitrogen (you can by all means), a difficult three trivalent bonds to make however you could make them one at a time... So if the diamond lattice was perfect on the outside you could use it to make a better water jet cutter or also a better nozzle for a space engine. Or you could just take some bubble gum and smear it on a rock just like that... raaaaah!
  • Reset
    by Reset 5 years ago
    "I've had cern on the mind lately"

    Understanding this was a month ago I currently have a tour of some of the Cern facilities in my dropbox you can download via this link:

    Check out the Documentarianists group for other good videos:
  • Reset
    by Reset 5 years ago
    Dennis Lee: Undeveloped Technology
    This is a video just over 3 hours with a bunch of segments showing different alternative tech./free-energy sources. It's an older video that is VHS quality but it isn't on youtube either. I'll leave this in my dropbox for a while so those that want to can download it!
  • Marylynn
    by Marylynn 5 years ago
    Moving to a new property, my first thought is tying in the leylines to produce higher gauss to help our permaculture grow better, and provide the healing energy needed. I have a "shaman" who has Obsidian made driving posts. They are 4 blade sided with a hilt corresponding to each element. It was said in Peru that these were to be used to tie in all ley lines. I want to tie this all into a magnetic locked gate at the front of our property, but we also want camera's at the gate.. any thoughts of if this will screw up the camera's and do we need shielding once the ley lines are all tied in? would love to hear thoughts on this.. if it will work, be benefit, ect.. thanks.
  • djc2323
    by djc2323 6 years ago
    i've had cern on the mind lately so i thought i'd throw out this broadcast of this freeman interview with joseph farrell (the SS Brotherhood of the bell) those who havent heard it will enjoy it (one of my favourites)
  • Free-Energy Jay
    by Free-Energy Jay 6 years ago
    Uploaded into file share Building A Torsion Generator.
    It has step by step pictures to help you build one.