Sacred Geometry

Sacred Geometry

It's Everywhere!....But How Can We Use It?
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I've been reading on Sacred Geometry for about a year now. I created this group in the hopes that we can help each other understand this subject and its practical applications to a greater degree. While it is obvious that it is found in everything in nature as well as all the megalithic monuments and medieval cathedrals, I want to know how to utilize it myself! I'm sure I'm not the only one. Please join and share your ideas, theories, and observations!

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  • Allie
    by Allie 2 years ago
    I tried to get the Beginners Guide to Constructing the Universe but got Error 404. How can I get a copy? Thank you!!!!!
  • Mattia
    by Mattia 5 years ago
    hello Fibonacci fans ! do you know about Vitruvio ?
  • justin
    by justin 5 years ago
    no i didnt ill have to shrink it first
  • justin
    by justin 5 years ago
    Ive stuck it in the fileshare tab too
  • justin
    by justin 5 years ago
    cheers, i dunno how to zip either so i about to learn ;-) cheers again, v cool of ya
  • Reset
    by Reset 5 years ago
    Hey Justin -

    I'm good at unzipping files; not so much with zipping. It's a 12mb file and with any luck you can reduce it to send to your friend.
  • justin
    by justin 5 years ago
    hi guys whoever downloaded ^beginners guide to constructing the universe" can you stick it in a zip file and drop it in fileshare, i want to send it to a friend
  • justin
    by justin 6 years ago
    incidentally i found the title of the book by watching a youtube channel of a mason
  • justin
    by justin 6 years ago
    Hey guys i recommended a simply explained but intricate book ^beginners guide to constructing the universe" anyone who has a handle on the intrinsic value of the phi ratio should have a look at this

  • Ѯ♱ magus_18 ♱Ѯ
    by Ѯ♱ magus_18 ♱Ѯ 6 years ago
    I did these in AutoCAD. The version that I am using could only export them (that I could read in "paint") to .wmf files. (Windows Meta File) I used "paint" to convert them to .png files. I used a book while I was drawing them.