How  do we Teach our Children

How do we Teach our Children

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Designing a new world we need to create a new educational system.

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  • dan74
    by dan74 4 years ago
    The uk state school system seems to be getting worse year on year,there is no emphasis on self growth or relating to others,it seems children in England are being taught the dog eat dog philosophy at an increasingly young age.
    I have to agree with much of what Fera Tri cvonveyed in her post,your kids are lucky to have such a grounded mother and i hope i am bringing my own kids up to have a balanced perspective as you suggest,my 9 year old daughter caught me off guard recently when she asked me what the huge white chemtrails above our home were,i simply told her it was pollution from planes,a bending of the truth i admit but better that than scare my little one,its a fine line we all tread when parenting with the knowledge we carry,i still have nuclear holocaust dreams that have plagued me since being a youngster in the early 80s when we were constantly bombarded with propaganda of the russian threat to the UK,we had to watch stuff about what to do if a nuke dropped and although the world is a much stranger,scarier place than i then knew i dont want my kids growing up in a climate of fear,no easy answers i guess...
  • sean scotland
    by sean scotland 5 years ago
    nice group
  • MaterX
    by MaterX 5 years ago
    Fao Tri!!!! you are a lady after me own heart!!! I agree so much with all you have said!!! love you lady!!!
  • Fao Tri
    by Fao Tri 5 years ago
    Interesting view and one I have heard many times before. I am very particular about what I allow my children to watch. However, I do not shelter them to the point that they are unable to relate to children in their age group. I've heard the "princess" arguement, the "good vs evil" arguement and how it affects out kids. I grew up on disney, and old westerns and my parents always talked to me about all of it before and after I watched it. I do the same with my children. I didn't grow up with any dillusions and so far my children are pretty grounded and understand that TV/movies/music is entertainment. Educating children is a full-time job. You never get a day off and you can't let up, esp these days because of the constant input our children have from media, peers etc. I refuse to isolate my children so I am constantly talking to my children, giving examples and steering them back in what i hope, is the right direction. As parents our jobs raising and educating children is much more difficult and it's getting harder. If you dont want your children "brainwashed" then dont allow it, but please dont isolate your children. TALK to them, be an example and be able to BACK UP what you are telling them with examples. Is it easy?, hell no, but it is a responsibilty we all took on the moment we had our first child.

    I'm one of the fortunate ones, I began good communication with all 5 of my children from birth, but if you haven't, it's never too late. Just bite your tongue and keep at it. Remember, we are not our childrens friends, we are their parents. Keep a good relationship but don't blur those lines.
  • Ken Schauer
    by Ken Schauer 5 years ago
    Here is a (in my opinion) good suggestion just off the top of my head. Never let them watch movies where the "Good" guys are dressed in white & all the "Bad" are portrayed in dark colors. In my generation as a young child in the 60's I saw alot of westerns & old mobster movies that were made like this. Now it may not seem like alot but it instillls in children White & Light colors represent "Good" & Black or Dark colors represent "Evil". To me this is brainwashing to make people racisist & begins the whole Hatered cycle.......Just my opinion, But I hope it at least gives you something to think about.
  • BlueGreen
    by BlueGreen 5 years ago
    Hey Magi

    I didn't hear that show (Bob Tuskin) . . I'll go check it out now thanks
  • magi
    by magi 5 years ago
    Hi Bluegreen , he also has vidoes on youtube ... him and his wife are such a great team and inspiration....and recently heard him as a guest on Bob Tuskin show, good stuff
  • BlueGreen
    by BlueGreen 5 years ago
    I'm just listening to Lenon Honor talking about how the Disney "Princess" thing adversly affects young girls (He's a father of 5 and doesn't let his daughters watch that type of rubbish) it's very good here's a link
  • Fao Tri
    by Fao Tri 5 years ago
    I have been on a journey with my son for a few weeks now. The education he is getting from traveling has been extraordinary. We are still using the worksheets and "formal' education, but taking him on hikes and letting him talk to the rangers and locals in the areas we stop at has given him a hands-on education he would never get in front of a computer or in a workbook. We are fortunate that we have this oportunity. Everyone always comments on how happy he is and so curious about everything. For anyone who isn't able to just let go and travel, don't forget about the recources around where you live. A day trip to farming communities or hiking trails is a wonderful way to teach our children. Love and Peace
  • BlueGreen
    by BlueGreen 5 years ago
    This is BY FAR the most interesting Group . . I really get a lot from reading the wall . . thanks EVERYBODY