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The Astral Traveler

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I would Like to start this group for fellow Astral Travelers and People who would love to learn more about this ability. Where we can share and explore/share fellow travelers experiences.

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  • Retta
    by Retta 3 years ago
    Hello All Sorry Ive been MIA.
  • Curt
    by Curt 3 years ago
  • Retta
    by Retta 4 years ago
    Remember Tune in @5pm est Astral Traveler w/ Guest Christina George here is the link
  • Bob
    by Bob 4 years ago
    Good Show, Retta & Jay!
  • Retta
    by Retta 4 years ago
    Here is the link for todays show. Call in Lets discuss
  • Retta
    by Retta 4 years ago
    Thanx every1 for tuning in
  • Retta
    by Retta 4 years ago
    Check out my interview w/ freeman and Jamie
  • Retta
    by Retta 4 years ago
    Had cont Mic problems so had to cancel today show hopeful Apple can fix them this weekend so I will be back next week
  • Retta
    by Retta 4 years ago
    The link for todays show
  • Retta
    by Retta 4 years ago
    Any suggestions for future guest on the show??? Anyone know people that have a special story to share email w/ suggestions