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  • conawaaay
    by conawaaay 1 year ago
    Shalom Earthnik. Appreciate the friendship. Attend to your configuration.
  • Jose
    by Jose 1 year ago
    I like to make music too, I make clay flutes and whistles called silbatos.
  • Maharaja
    by Maharaja 1 year ago
    JAY {CHAITANYA) Hare Krishna Hare Krishna Krishna Krishna Hare Hare
    Hare Rama Hare Rama Rama Rama Hare Hare
    Om tat sat
    Would you like to produce me doing bhajans on guitar with Indian Instruments?
  • Bob
    by Bob 1 year ago
    Sorry to hear about Free Energy Jay. Thanks for letting us know, Nik.
  • Shaman22
    by Shaman22 2 years ago
    I see you're a music producer, my boyfriend has a production/post production background in video. He's also a Freeman listener, you two might have a good visit.
  • Psychonaut1963
    by Psychonaut1963 2 years ago
    repetition = stagnation
  • Sassy
    by Sassy 2 years ago
    Thanks for your add! :D
  • Lolly Gaggins
    by Lolly Gaggins 2 years ago
    I saw a pic of you on Facebook beta testing like a boss, spied a SWEET dragonfly lamp in the background. Where might one acquire such a lamp if you recall? One of my two best galpals Lisa loves dragonflies and I know she would scoop that up in heartbeat! LOL
  • dokterdave
    by dokterdave 2 years ago
    thanks for adding me. I'm sure buxton must have had better water than the piss that comes out the taps round here. great songs, I'm a sound engineer myself, trained at a small college in coventry that the specials set up. will check out your stuff on sound cloud. I've only produced local bands and a grime scene crew. I have a real fear about people hearing my own stuff but I'm working on it and trying to overcome it.
  • The Girl
    by The Girl 2 years ago
    Thanks for the add :)

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