Freeman & Jamie at Brave New Books 4/6/2013: Weird Stuff - Operation Culture Creation

Published by: Floyd Anderson on 8th Apr 2013 | View all blogs by Floyd Anderson


I filmed Freeman and Jamie on Saturday at the Weird Stuff Release Party and Book Signing.  I got myself a copy of Weird Stuff and The Sync Book 2!


I told Freeman I'm so happy that he is selling books and I wished him great financial success.



  • Bob
    by Bob 4 years ago
    Outstanding Floyd! Thanks!
  • Floyd Anderson
    by Floyd Anderson 4 years ago
    My pleasure sir!

    Freeman and Jamie are silhouetted because of the light of the projection behind them. This has been an ongoing issue when I film people there. I think I'm going to try to film my next one from the other side of the room and angle it so the person speaking has a wall behind them and not the projection.

    I lightened the video up when editing to decrease the silhouette, and youtube lets you adjust things like contrast and color saturation after a video is uploaded, so I've been playing around with that. That's why it looks a little funny.
  • Floyd Anderson
    by Floyd Anderson 4 years ago
    Weird Stuff is an awesome book. I'm on page 11. I just thought I'd stop and comment here what a fantastic job Jamie and Freeman did. The size and shape of it and the colorful cover make it look like a coloring book, and then you look inside and it is excellent graphic design and intelligent culture examination. Lots of great colorful images including Freeman's collages.
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