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I claim not to know all the secrets of this life, but I have connected enough dots to learn that when things don't feel right, our intuition usually tells us, there is good reason to question our gut feelings. I believe we are in a period of change and that there are things to come, that will alter our perception of reality as we currently know it. I believe society has led us stray on topics of: How success is measured and what is self worth! & I believe when one gives, they shall recieve in return. When we realize that Corporations & Banking Institutions have control over our Governments and our Lives. We come to understand its not how much we Sacrifice or Give up, Its what we Take Back that will make the difference in the End! And to conclude, when we put down our petty differences of race & creed, We shall finally realize, We are all brothers and sisters in this game of life!
Who I'd like to meet:
Friends that are seekers of truth and those that believe we get out of life, what we put into Life!

I felt the need to add some More Tunes! I Just Love: Swampman & The Machine! (Love ya Brother! & Who can forget the late Great - Gary Moore!)





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  • desertfllower
    by desertfllower 5 years ago
    Thanks for the friendship Rebel
  • willy
    by willy 5 years ago
    I wish to announce my desire to participate in the program which is being offered by the Galactic Federation of Light. I am very willing and anxious to make changes in my household so that I may have access to free energy for use in my home. I ask that my name be entered into the appropriate database for consideration for this advancement in my home. I understand that this technology is capable of harnessing energy from the stratosphere. A special device will be installed in my home which will pick up radiating energy that encircles the earth. The device will then clean and purify this energy before its use to power my appliances, heating and lighting in my homes. This energy is not capable of powering automobiles, trains, buses and airplanes, but later I hope to have access to other means of power for transportation. I ask all of you who read this note to add your name to the list of those willing to participate in this ground-breaking experiment. The time is here. Copy this letter and add your name to the list.

    William Schnare
  • Ken Schauer
    by Ken Schauer 5 years ago
    Kickin Music My brother has a band called Adakain. I have a couple of their songs posted. It's not so bluesy as yours. A little harder edge to it but Damn good.
  • NZ Rose
    by NZ Rose 5 years ago hey mate - here's the Jamie and Freeman interview we aired yesterday. Hope you enjoy it as much as we enjoyed their energies!
  • Cluas
    by Cluas 5 years ago
    Hi Rebel, thank you - Im glad you like the music
  • Cluas
    by Cluas 5 years ago
    Hi Rebel, thanks for the friendship ...
  • CB
    by CB 5 years ago
    Rebel ,,,, music is awesome ,,,, Happy newYear and thanks for the these bluesy fuckng riffs . Im in heaven . Love to jam with you some time .
  • Adrena
    by Adrena 5 years ago
    It's smooth Rebel, I like it. Happy holidays
  • captainproton
    by captainproton 5 years ago
    Nice choons reb! lovely muchlovecpxx
  • SteveGadafi
    by SteveGadafi 5 years ago
    Beautiful tunes man I love Gary Moore much missed .He was a neighbour of ours in Hove and once he asked me if his daughter could play crazy golf with my daughter .He was a shy man and didn't say much,he used to do impromptu gigs in small bars around town.Unfortunately I never saw one .My daughter won the golf match by the way lol.
    Cheers for the heads up Rebel hope you enjoy the holidays
    Peace Steve

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