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  • Free-Energy Jay
    by Free-Energy Jay 5 years ago
    Please use the exercise at least three times before trying the advanced exercise.
    Peace, Love, and Joy

    1. Relax and get comfortable
    2. Focus on your Heart chakra, and then feel love
    3. Focus on the vibration of Love, move your awareness 4in up and 4in forward from your heart chakra, this is your 5D chakra there is only one
    chakra in 5D.
    4. Make your intent to transmute all radiation to an energy that heals people, plant and animal life, and the planet.
    5. Gather your energy then pulse, visualize an energy tsunami, moving out in concentric rings moving in time and space outward encompassing the earth and van Allen belts, moving also forward and backward in time. Visualize these rings of energy meeting other rings and creating a holographic effect on matter.
    6. Repeat
    end meditation
    7.Do this meditation several times a week
    and await results.

    Nora Harold channels a number of entities which I used to listen to on Journeys with Rebecca. The radio show stops last month so I went to
    Nora's web site, and downloaded an mp3. It explained that much of
    what we are going through is a result of vibratory increases and a clearing out of old karma and traumas. So of use may feel pain emotional or physical is that we are becoming sensitive to the collective. What we felt in January was either was a choice 3d or 5d but now both are operating in the third dimension.
    A few days ago I was assembling my connection of my Geiger counter
    to my computer. Just for laughs I decided to influence the radiation levels of the background radiation. I drop the radiation levels. Now I
    have certain gifts but telekinesis is not one of them.
    So the 5d body affected the radiation levels. And some of empathy
    I was feeling at the time to the collective is tangible.
    Then radio broad cast of truth frequency radio with their guest
    William Whitecrow gave a collective meditation to divert a hurricane
    and it ended producing less devastating results.

    Last weekend I joined friends of freeman, and decided to form a group
    in developing a 5 d collective. Were are, in reality very powerful. This
    Group will help you to use the power and act as a catalyze to remember things dealing with the 5 d.
    1. When in meditation focus about 3or 4 inches in front of and above the heart chakra. This is the chakra in 5 d. There is only one chakra.
    2. Put your focus and intent on transmuting all harmful radiation to transmute to rays that bring healing. The radiation from the nuclear plant healing and restoring the animal and plant life in brilliant vitality.
    The radiation from the sun restoring the plant life and animal life and
    the planet itself.
    3. Now gather your energy together and pulse it outward and see these pulses go outward backward and forward in time and like tsunami effecting all with your intent, transmuting the radiation, healing people, connecting with others.
    4. Keep pulsing and visualize the tsunami of your energy heading out like
    the pebble dropped on a still pond. After a while become receptive and wait for the return waves. Feel them.
    If their waves come back from others in the group, connect and create lines of communication. After these lines are established they can help
    you when you need to personally manifest something.
    5. Explore the rest of the collective.


    New exercise to smarten up the dumb down collective

    1. Relax and breathe deep go into your 5 d chakra
    2. Create the connections with every one little red filaments attaching you with everyone.
    3. Go into the love frequency and focus on that we are all divine beings, fearless and all powerful.

    4 pulse this wave, continue pulsing both forward and backward into time, covering the earth and
    solar system.
    5. When the waves come rippling back send focus on that you are loved and beloved, then repeat
    the pulsing exercise
    6.Then relax and feel your closeness to every being

    Grant A Wish

    1. Relax and breathe deep go into your 5 d chakra
    2. Create the connections with every one little red filament attaching you with everyone.
    3. Go into the love frequency, feel the feeling of grace and then focus
    your intent on granting them a wish.
    4 Pulse this wave foreword and backwards in time, covering the earth
    and solar system.
    5. When the return wave comes rippling back, Focus on Giving them permission to accept this wish, and then pulse again.
    6. When the wave comes back relax and feel the results


    Close your eyes, you are ready to embark upon an adventure which has not happened for aeons. As you focus on your 5d chakra bring it to the frequency of the love vibration. Take a few deep breathes, and now focus on wanting to remember your abilities you had in your 5d bodies. Picture an ancient temple used long ago but now deserted except for you. As you enter the main temple building you see a flash of light appearing at the altar. Go to it, explore the altar, you will find an ancient book. This book is written in a strange language that you understand, it title is Om na Solas, Book of the one soul. This is the book you can explore it pages, remember all your talents and abilities. It is a book of wisdom that what ever you read becomes you. This here now is your past, present and future. Read to your hearts content.

    Glossary of Terms

    Vibration of Love-- The vibration of love is a state where you reach non judgment; it is a form of unconditional love. It comes in the form of acknowledgement of them as a beings of light first.
  • Jason Scanlon
    by Jason Scanlon 6 years ago
    ewww... eraserhead was an upsetting film haha
  • Goddy
    by Goddy 6 years ago
    I'm going to be out at Becker around 9:00am tomorrow (Sunday 9/25). Short notice...sorry bout that. I play longs and shorts so I'm usually there for a couple hours.
  • dudeface
    by dudeface 6 years ago
    sorry i forget some people might not know SCTV......canadian version of saturday night live..........just google doug and bob

    its a canadian thing
  • anarchy now
    by anarchy now 6 years ago
    Occupy wall street still going strong. Watch us at
  • ParadigmShift11
    by ParadigmShift11 6 years ago
    I can't find it anywhere... have been looking up the lyrics in the first song... not having any luck...
  • ParadigmShift11
    by ParadigmShift11 6 years ago
    Digging the tunes!
  • Goddy
    by Goddy 6 years ago
    yeah....I live kinda close to Becker. Playing Sunday morning there for sure. Otherwise I'm down for most anything in the metro area. Let me know.
  • Goddy
    by Goddy 6 years ago
    Ever throw at Becker? I consider it my HOME course. Designed by the same dude that designed Kaposia. It's a freaking JUNGLE in the summer but I feel it to be the best course outside of the Mississippi Valley Disc Golf Association (Justin Trails ROCKS!!!) and I can be there anytime in the next 3-5 days, assuming my new daughter isn't born in that time. PM me some contact info and let's hit those greens!!
  • Reset
    by Reset 6 years ago
    Hey Dude been a while since I've seen you. Must have just missed you like a week ago, sent an IM (guess that's what it's called?) but didn't hear back.

    The cold is creeping in, maybe we ought to hit a course with just the two of us if we can't find anyone else in the area...I'm down!

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