Fao Tri

Fao Tri

50 years old
Santa Fe
United States
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Seems sometimes that all hell is breaking loose, then i get a better perspective and realize, no, it's just stirring up a little.


Well, I'm terrible at this kind of thing. i'm a single mom, been vegetarian/sometimes vegan since the day I was born. Have too many interests to list here. I'm constantly reading and forage for wild foods pretty much daily. I also solar gaze , although I've been a bit lazy about it recently. need to motivate myself and get back to it. Funny how day to day stress can lead you away from healthy living. I terrible at meditation, I haven't learned how to quiet my mind yet. I'm always thinking!! I'm working on it though



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  • afxrich
    by afxrich 5 years ago
    Thank you for your invite. I like your Dragon. good sign. The best be with you and yours,
  • Ken Schauer
    by Ken Schauer 5 years ago
    Thank you for the friend invite! Been busy with medical testing or would have wrote earlier. Peace & Love be with you & your son!!!
  • Wes
    by Wes 5 years ago
    Example is the best teacher even words validate that ... love.. sending you much energy for those children and your mentorship.. :) remember tricks are for kids, and we don't breed goats round here.. pun intended :)

    Peace and love
  • Retta
    by Retta 5 years ago
    No Problem anytime
  • Retta
    by Retta 5 years ago
    Sending you another book
  • Retta
    by Retta 5 years ago
    No problem I can send you a few more email will only allow me to uplink one at a time
  • Wes
    by Wes 5 years ago
    Hi Fao.. I hope your journey is going well :)
  • Retta
    by Retta 5 years ago
    I only sent you 1 book lol becuz as an attachment more then 1 was too much for the file lol and I am not Tech savy in any way Lmao. I have many many books on Majic I will send you one
  • Retta
    by Retta 5 years ago
    I have so many Ebooks send me your email and I will send you some
  • Retta
    by Retta 5 years ago
    Hey Fao if the subject really interest you i have some Ebooks I could share

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