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35 years old
United Kingdom
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hello its been a while


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  • Jamie
    by Jamie 4 years ago
    Hi Sean, sorry the magazine is not published yet. We just ended our kickstarter and hopefully we'll be heading home to finish it by the new year. Thank for your interest. :)
  • SteveGadafi
    by SteveGadafi 5 years ago
    Neah bother big man any time
  • BlueGreen
    by BlueGreen 5 years ago
    well . .
    I find that subject matter tends to just present it's self . .
    for example this 33rd degree Scottish rite guy is gonna be in the Radio Lounge later today (Saturday)

    He's said, elsewhere, that when he joined it was not what he thought it was gonna be . .
    so my 1st question to him is going to be "What did you think it was gonna be like" ?
    and I'll just take it from there

    My blog thing was mainly about people watching videos or listening to shows and not saying anything about what they just watched or listened to, I mean if you watch a video about Nibaru turning up on August 17th and it doesn't . .
    surely that puts certain thoughts into your mind . .
    it does to me

  • ptah tenaten
    by ptah tenaten 5 years ago
    hello , and what would you like to knwo ?
  • FraterX
    by FraterX 5 years ago
    So yes I do make orgonite and I offer different types for diff. levels of contribution to my show.
    Its pretty easy to make on your own though for the record...FX
  • BlueGreen
    by BlueGreen 5 years ago
    Hey Sean

    I don't know if you saw this . . it was linked on David Icke's site

    It's related to the Montauk thing . . thought you might find it interesting
  • Psonik
    by Psonik 5 years ago
    hey Sean, the show with James is this Saturday :)
    I enjoy all the shows !!
  • Reset
    by Reset 5 years ago
    Hello Sean...welcome to the fold.

    We'll have to see if we can't get you on the Type 1 Radio Lounge one of these days with the rest of the UK crew.
  • BlueGreen
    by BlueGreen 5 years ago
    Hey Sean

    I read the Montauk chronicles and I like reading about the Eldritch and all of that . . I think there's a lot to it but as usual I have also read some not very flattering thing about Stewart Swerdlow . . I gues everything and everyone gets debunked eventually . . I don't have the magic wand of truth (shame) so don't take my word for it . . it's just that anyone who makes a living at this always makes me stop and think . . having said all that . . Swerdlow does have a pretty good point of view on a lot of subjects . . what is a "consult" when it's around ?
  • SparkMaster
    by SparkMaster 5 years ago
    back atcha sean,,;-)

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