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Laurence Galian, born April 5, 1954 (Laurence Joseph Anthony Gagliano), is a Gnostic Vibratory Theurgist, Wisdom Teacher, UFO Witness, Ordained Minister, and Host of the YouTube podcast The Place Inside. He holds the title of Seanachie from the Temple of Danaan.

For more than forty years, Laurence Galian has been a metaphysical writer and teacher of Sufism, Tarot, Magick, Kabbalah, and Welsh Witchcraft. Laurence Galian served as Professor in the Hofstra College of Continuing Education (Hempstead, New York). He is a professional lecturer, world explorer, psychonaut, and music composer.

Laurence Galian was born in Manhattan, New York, and began life as an orphan. Laurence was soon adopted after his birth and grew up on Long Island, New York.

At the age of five-years-old, Laurence became fully conscious of the invisible reality within our everyday world. During Christmas of 1959, he was ignited spiritually. At this time, he had a profound experience in which he became fully conscious of himself and his connection with the river of life.

Laurence Galian began classical piano lessons at the age of six with James Gerard De Martini, Professor of Music at Brooklyn-Queens Conservatory of Music (Brooklyn, New York) and abstract artist.

During the 1960s, Laurence’s adopted father, Laurence Gagliano, served as Head of Quality Control at Grumman Aerospace Corporation in charge of building the Apollo Lunar Module.

Laurence Galian studied to become a Roman Catholic priest for several years during his youth. He studied with the Congregatio Passionis Iesu Christi, eventually leaving the religious congregation at the age of seventeen because he wished to continue his musical studies and someday marry.

In 1971, Laurence discovered the works of one the greatest Initiates, Rudolf Joseph Lorenz Steiner. Subsequently, he spent many years studying the works of this Master and regularly visiting Threefold Farms, a Steiner community in Spring Valley, New York.

After meeting and studying with a guru from India in 1972, Laurence Galian was formally initiated into Ananda Marga Yoga.

Galian is an autodidact. During his university years, in several schools and an international research institute, Galian explored music education, liberal arts, conducting, opera, digital synthesis, and orchestration. Becoming highly successful as a professional pianist and music director in his late teens, Laurence pursued both his spiritual and musical inspiration.

In 1981, Galian met Sheikh Muzaffer Ozak, a Sufi Grand Sheikh from an ancient dervish order, the Halveti-Jerrahi, from Istanbul, Turkey. Laurence Galian joined the order and was initiated as a dervish by Sheikh Muzaffer Ozak. For nearly twenty years, Galian traveled the world studying with various Sufi masters. He is a lineage bearer of the Khwajagan (Masters of Wisdom). A chapter of the book American Sufis is devoted to Laurence Galian.

The following year, 1982, Laurence Galian began working as a pianist at Hofstra University (Hempstead, New York). There he received the title of Senior Dance Accompanist (Full-Time Administrator) launching a twenty-three-year career at the university. During the ensuing years, National Public Radio aired his original ballet, Zemzem, on the program “New Sounds.” In 1999, The John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts awarded Laurence Galian a “Regional Certificate of Merit” for his work as Musical Director at Hofstra University. Laurence began receiving national and international recognition for his work as a Dance Musician, accompanying some of the greatest ballerinas, ballet companies, international competitions, and academies in the United States and the world, including Makarova and Company, USA International Ballet Competition, Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater, and the Eglevsky Ballet. Laurence Galian has recorded a solo piano album of ballet music entitled Ballet Music for Barre and Center Floor (Roper Records).

Laurence Galian is listed in the fifteenth edition of International Who’s Who in Music (Cambridge, England) as well as Outstanding People of the 20th Century.

In the late 1980s and 1990s, Laurence Galian began his exploration of traditional and "neo" shamanic and indigenous paths. After many years of study, he was initiated as a Wiccan Priest of the Welsh Tradition. He has been a frequent presenter at the Starwood Festival and was one of the first published authors to present Sufi workshops to the Neo-Pagan community. During the early 1990s, Laurence experienced a close encounter with two UFOs, in the presence of a witness, on Jones Beach, Long Island, New York.

After nearly a forty-year search, in 1994, Laurence Galian found and reunited with his biological mother, Josephine Ufert née Cordisco. The following year, he met his biological father, Charles Peters. Through his biological father, Laurence Galian is a direct blood descendant of Simon de Montfort.

Laurence’s first book entitled, Beyond Duality: The Art of Transcendence was published by New Falcon Publications in 1994. After nearly ten years of travel, research and writing, he released his next book, The Sun at Midnight: The Revealed Mysteries of the Ahlul Bayt Sufis published by Quiddity in 2003. The second printing of Beyond Duality: The Art of Transcendence, with a new 50-page afterword by Galian, was released in 2012.

In 2004, Laurence concluded his work at Hofstra University and moved from New York to St. Louis, Missouri. There he continued his work as a professional Dance Accompanist, working for COCA (Center of Creative Arts) where he was commissioned to compose music for a new ballet The Little Dancer which ran for ten seasons, as well as working at Dance St. Louis and Washington University. In St. Louis, Laurence served as the spiritual guide for the Halveti-Jerrahi Sufi Order. In 2010, Laurence relocated to Mexico City, Mexico, and subsequently to Cuernavaca, Mexico. Cuernavaca is close to the famous active volcano Popocatépetl, which attracts a great deal of UFO activity. In 2015, Laurence Galian finished a new book 666: Connection with Crowley re-envisioning one of the most astonishing people of the age.

Laurence Galian is a regular guest on Whitley Strieber's internet radio program Dreamland. Laurence is now publishing his first book in Spanish, re-releasing a special edition of his Crowley book in paperback and eBook, and he continues producing new episodes of his podcast The Place Inside, composing music, sky watching, contemplating universal intelligence, performing theurgy, teaching, delving into archaeological sites, and contemplating the Nameless Reality.





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  • rule42
    by rule42 5 years ago
    Right Now!

    James Gilliland w/ Mike Murphy on "Chemtrails" from 8-10 pst
  • Free energy Jay
    by Free energy Jay 5 years ago
    Please use the exercise at least three times before trying the advanced exercise.
    Peace, Love, and Joy

    1. Relax and get comfortable
    2. Focus on your Heart chakra, and then feel love
    3. Focus on the vibration of Love, move your awareness 4in up and 4in forward from your heart chakra, this is your 5D chakra there is only one
    chakra in 5D.
    4. Make your intent to transmute all radiation to an energy that heals people, plant and animal life, and the planet.
    5. Gather your energy then pulse, visualize an energy tsunami, moving out in concentric rings moving in time and space outward encompassing the earth and van Allen belts, moving also forward and backward in time. Visualize these rings of energy meeting other rings and creating a holographic effect on matter.
    6. Repeat
    end meditation
    7.Do this meditation several times a week
    and await results.

    Nora Herold and Wendy Kennedy channels a number of entities which I used to listen to on Journeys with Rebecca. The radio show stops last month so I went to
    Nora's web site, and downloaded an mp3. It explained that much of
    what we are going through is a result of vibratory increases and a clearing out of old karma and traumas. So of use may feel pain emotional or physical is that we are becoming sensitive to the collective. What we felt in January was either was a choice 3d or 5d but now both are operating in the third dimension.
    A few days ago I was assembling my connection of my Geiger counter
    to my computer. Just for laughs I decided to influence the radiation levels of the background radiation. I drop the radiation levels. Now I
    have certain gifts but telekinesis is not one of them.
    So the 5d body affected the radiation levels. And some of empathy
    I was feeling at the time to the collective is tangible.
    Then radio broad cast of truth frequency radio with their guest
    William Whitecrow gave a collective meditation to divert a hurricane
    and it ended producing less devastating results.

    Last weekend I joined friends of freeman, and decided to form a group
    in developing a 5 d collective. Were are, in reality very powerful. This
    Group will help you to use the power and act as a catalyze to remember things dealing with the 5 d.
    1. When in meditation focus about 3or 4 inches in front of and above the heart chakra. This is the chakra in 5 d. There is only one chakra.
    2. Put your focus and intent on transmuting all harmful radiation to transmute to rays that bring healing. The radiation from the nuclear plant healing and restoring the animal and plant life in brilliant vitality.
    The radiation from the sun restoring the plant life and animal life and
    the planet itself.
    3. Now gather your energy together and pulse it outward and see these pulses go outward backward and forward in time and like tsunami effecting all with your intent, transmuting the radiation, healing people, connecting with others.
    4. Keep pulsing and visualize the tsunami of your energy heading out like
    the pebble dropped on a still pond. After a while become receptive and wait for the return waves. Feel them.
    If their waves come back from others in the group, connect and create lines of communication. After these lines are established they can help
    you when you need to personally manifest something.
    5. Explore the rest of the collective.


    New exercise to smarten up the dumb down collective

    1. Relax and breathe deep go into your 5 d chakra
    2. Create the connections with every one little red filaments attaching you with everyone.
    3. Go into the love frequency and focus on that we are all divine beings, fearless and all powerful.

    4 pulse this wave, continue pulsing both forward and backward into time, covering the earth and
    solar system.
    5. When the waves come rippling back send focus on that you are loved and beloved, then repeat
    the pulsing exercise
    6.Then relax and feel your closeness to every being

    Grant A Wish

    1. Relax and breathe deep go into your 5 d chakra
    2. Create the connections with every one little red filament attaching you with everyone.
    3. Go into the love frequency, feel the feeling of grace and then focus
    your intent on granting them a wish.
    4 Pulse this wave foreword and backwards in time, covering the earth
    and solar system.
    5. When the return wave comes rippling back, Focus on Giving them permission to accept this wish, and then pulse again.
    6. When the wave comes back relax and feel the results


    Close your eyes, you are ready to embark upon an adventure which has not happened for aeons. As you focus on your 5d chakra bring it to the frequency of the love vibration. Take a few deep breathes, and now focus on wanting to remember your abilities you had in your 5d bodies. Picture an ancient temple used long ago but now deserted except for you. As you enter the main temple building you see a flash of light appearing at the altar. Go to it, explore the altar, you will find an ancient book. This book is written in a strange language that you understand, it title is Om na Solas, Book of the one soul. This is the book you can explore it pages, remember all your talents and abilities. It is a book of wisdom that what ever you read becomes you. This here now is your past, present and future. Read to your hearts content.

    Glossary of Terms

    Vibration of Love-- The vibration of love is a state where you reach non judgment; it is a form of unconditional love. It comes in the form of acknowledgement of them as a beings of light first.

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