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Wow, it must be a coincidence that the countries Iran, Syria and North Korea who don't have a Rothschild controlled central bank are all attracting US military attention.. Actually it's not a coincidence.


Im Josh and im from Melbourne Australia. Im a true hip-hop head, i dont listen to any other forms of music, but that dosnt mean i dont respect other Genres. Im interested in a HUGE variety of subjects such as The illuminati, the hollow earth and the expanding crust theory, dissfusionism, astrotheology, synchronism, ETs, Mind control, Ancient civilisations, GMO's, weather modification, astral projection and whole lot more. Im straight, Single and looking for a mature girl who i can relate to.
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  • bern
    by bern 4 years ago
    LCOB..... thats whats up

    check us out at
  • X.Teresa
    by X.Teresa 4 years ago
    fair play for your comments on Hip Hop Grego! raised my kids on HipHop n Rap ...Synchronism working good today ! peace out an great to have you here m8
  • Koala
    by Koala 5 years ago
    Grego! what's up. Thanks for the invite. Have a good one brother.
  • Retta
    by Retta 5 years ago
    Anytime. I gonna send you an invite to my group Astral Traveler I also have a radio every Thursday 5pm est on Type1 radio. lol I see you are already a member thanks for joining and tune in this Thursday I will have a special guest hope to see ya there
  • EnochMalachi
    by EnochMalachi 5 years ago
  • Lolly Gaggins
    by Lolly Gaggins 5 years ago
    Thanks for the friendship & welcome :) Sharing a couple of my hip-hop favs ~ & Also I have it set as my status but this week only you can watch Jeffrey Smith's new GMO documentary Genetic Roulette FREE online via this link~

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    bern commented on Grego's wall:
    LCOB..... thats whats up check us out at
    4 years ago