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Hello, and many blessings to you all. I know Spirituality could mean an array of things: from being religious, to doing meditative practices, to letting go and finding inner peace. My perception is that life exists on different planes, and therefore I do my best to connect with certain things on deeper levels based on that notion. I follow the teachers of the light, no matter from what discipline, that guide us and teach us through the hardships of life on this planet.

I desire to be friends with kind people who are into sacred teachings: Chakra Work, Positive Magic, DNA Activation, Matrix Escaping, Spiritual Evolution, Kryon, Pleiadian Channelling, Ayahuasca, Sacred Geometry and Numerology, Ancient Knowledge, Synchronicity, Higher Consciousness, and LOVE.

Besides all that, I am a Taekwondo instructor, Personal Trainer, and I run a Pilates center in Santo Domingo of the Dominican Republic. I'm originally from New York City, in my early thirties(thirty-one while writing this), and a supporter of all that is of Benevolence and Truth. I'm always either meditating, reading, on the internet, or just exercising hardcore while relying upon the Alternative Media for news.

I Love You All, GOD Bless.



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