Dream Journal - 03/30/17

Published by: ToonHead2102 on 2nd Apr 2017 | View all blogs by ToonHead2102

The furthest I can recall, it begins with me watching these old movies I happened to have recorded of one of those old blank VHS tapes. I recorded these movies a while ago but for one reason or another, never got around to watching them. Now, that I have the time, I'm curious...


The movies don't seem of any great significant value. Mostly atmospheric melodramas, which I'm not necessarily saying I dislike. But generally when I start something like that, he he, because I happen to be a hopeless lifelong bachelor, it's with the promise of something salacious, such as graphic nudity or aberrant sexuality. (Gimme a break, nights get long and cold in the North.) But these don't appear to contain anything of that sort of nature, at least nothing that I can see, or tell. Yet, I'm fascinated for some reason--maybe I'm trying to find some promiscuous content? I seem to keep rewinding and playing forward over and over again.


Here's what both frustrates and enthrals me: near as I can tell, there are several movies recorded on to this tape, and I've been dying to seem them all. But maybe there's one in particular I need to see first. One of them I know for certain has me excited, like something I NEED to see, for what reason I can't tell you, because the dream-me never makes it that far. On order to gain the proper context, I need to see this film from the start... which I'm having difficulty pinpointing. There seems to be no beginning, or perhaps, no end to the last film. I watch it several times but can't detect the transition sequence. It's like the previous film 'bleeds' into the next one, with the fresh one not actually starts but just 'phasing into consciousness'?...



The next thing I can remember, I'm outside, there's a street, a road. Clouds form overhead, a storm is either already here, coming, or perpetually present. It's gloomy. What's more, everything feels cold, sick, or neglected. Which is what my cat Ranger is feeling. The poor thing, but I don't get it, he's usually the most energetic, without-a-care-in-the-world cat I have. This makes no sense. But there you have it.


I feel the cold bitterness, he's feeling from the people who take care of him. The isolation. The feeling of being forsaken. All around me there is greenery, trees, shrubs, but they do nothing to comfort, as they seem equally sad, malnurished or vacant as everything else in this moment.



But wait! The mood DRASTICALLY changes, the next thing I know:


I'm watching a movie. A martial arts film, with spectacular aerial stunts and lush visuals. There are deep, illuminating colors in all of the scenery and production design. The main character is a female, and she has on this hard-to-forget greenish-blue (turquoise?) outfit that looks like it belongs in the Meiji era, except it's tightly fitted as supposed to the loose combat garmets that are common historically with this period. The film's action and poetic narrative remind me very much of Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon except it's not the same movie. Were it House of Flying Daggers instead I can't tell you cause I've never seen it.


But I get the overall impression that what I'm seeing here is by-far perhaps the greatest martial arts film I've ever laid eyes on, and because my eyes are the projection screen itself, to the extent the divide is complete dissolved, that means I'm not merely 'seeing' it, but 'experiencing' it. But to tell you the truth the action isn't really what makes experiencing this movie so great...


It's the 'music'. Near as I can put together, the plot--what little I can remember of it--seems to consist of this young female, battling a supernatural warlord of some kind. But there's a reverie to the narrative. Sure, there is plenty of action and swordplay to boot, but I don't think that's entirely what this woman beats, or submits the monster with at all. In the end, there is a banishing, lulling to slumber, that the young female ultimately conquers the supernatural foe with. I don't think she's playing an instrument, becuase if she had I probably would have written it down in my notes?


But the music is definitely what's most memborable about this sequence. Orchestral, but so divine sounding, it overwhelms and nearly reduces me to tears it's so beautiful. It's such a distinct melody, so distinct in fact that I doubt I could forget it even if I tried, yet somehow cynically I expect I ultimately will forget. Which is why when the film closes, and the fight is over, I cling desperately to hang on to this moment. Not wanting it to ever end. Yet, regrettably, I find it increasingly difficult to maintain my focus...



The next thing I know I've got movies on the brain. And fighting desperately to return to that image, I find my thoughts roaming, and I start thinking about history. Then, I think of Nick Hodges and imagining a new episode of History on Film (check out the YT channel 'History Buffs' for clarification). This particular episode seems different somehow. I never see Hodges discussing anything 'mythological' in nature. The film I see Hodges discussing, seems to be about mythology, which religion I can't seem to tell? I'm being shown this scene, in which two monsters are battling in the depths of an abyss. I assume, but can't say for sure, that the larger monster that emerges from the depths to devour the smaller one from above, is the Leviathan.



Next, my focus shifts yet again. I find myself enthralled in these folktales, and it makes me think of modern literature. Suddenly, I find myself thinking... I could do that, I could become a writer. And I find a yearning for it inside the dream. Then, I'm imagining a story. Can't remember the plot all that clearly. All I can tell you is that it involves Egypt, and Islam, and perhaps an artifact of some sort?



The last scene involves me playing on my guitar (acoustic). While still in Open E tuning, my idle fingers start thrumming this immaculately complex chrod procession--I've never played before, or wouldn't know how outside of the dream. Yet this tune, which I think is inspired by the melody I listened to in the movie earlier, is nothing like it, a melody all to itself. Entirely original, yet deeply complex. Yet, this melody I can tell you I remember upon waking up. Yet, I wouldn't even know where to BEGIN trying to repeat to any of you, how it went. It's the kind of thing I'd just have to pick up my instrument and start plucking away, hoping it came to me in the moment. It's just that complex.


[NOTE: Anyone wanting a more vivid description, or impression, of the young lady's appearance in that martial arts film, just look up the anime Otogizoushi, she sort of looked like the main character in that show.]



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