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  • cats pajamas
    by cats pajamas 12 days ago
    Those things are creepy.
    Have lived in places where gargoyles keep some very dark energy in the general area... even though many say they are for protection I suspect an open pineal gland would change that perception for them.
  • Vijay
    by Vijay 12 days ago
    Here in india similar understanding of gargoyles as protectors . In some home they worship and offer chicken as sacrifice.It could also speak about our lower mind (beast consciousness) R-complex and how to overcome it.
  • cats pajamas
    by cats pajamas 11 days ago
    I see this one is chained to something, reminds me of Devil card in the Tarot which can be read in the same way as your comment. ie, overcoming the metaphysical chains of our egoistic/devilish temptations.

    Sacrificing chickens to gargoyles for protection? Might give that one a miss... LOL
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