From the vilest bile, a savior!

Published by: Yogiseph on 3rd Aug 2017 | View all blogs by Yogiseph

They set out for a savior to fix the system.  The swamp was over-flowing with vile bile.  Hydras and leviathons, jackasses and bulls, demi-gods and furhers.   And amongst the very vilest of bile, a champion was found.  The jesuits all hailed the vilest of bile as they raised the orange deformity from the depths of the swamp.  


A savior!  A savior!  The jesuits all praised!  And then, a voice.  The savior, still covered in bile from the swamp, opened his little deformed mouth, and uttered out, "make america great again".  And the people cheered and praised.  America had, in the people's minds, fallen from greatness.  


And the orange deceiver convinced the bulls that he was not a jackass with his foul, forked tongue.  He spat as he cursed the non-believers.  He cursed them all and through his wicked magik, the people overlooked the orange deciever's vileness.


The swamp became the deep state, and now the battle rages on.  The right went to war with the deep state.  The right, no more right than the left.  The left, no more wrong than the right.  And the people suddenly realized, the enemy is within.  


And as the orange deciever started pumping more water into the swamp, the right still praised him; being decieved by the wrong.  The right's battle with the deep state was over.  The deep state was being fought by the orange deciever. The right, now, knew the wrong.  The right, after years of funneled propaganda directly to the reptillian brain, knew the left was the enemy:


"The left are wrong.  The left are not smart enough to believe in or understand what they do.  The left has no critical thinking, only useless emotion.  The left doesn't listen to my brand of conditioning.  The left is my enemy."


All hail the orange deciever; More of the same, in a cute and condescending package.


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  • cats pajamas
    by cats pajamas 12 days ago
    Oh Bravo!!!!
    If I try write of such things all that happens is my online voice descends into that of some kind of ranting maniac, you have some skills to not do that.

    Good luck with the whole situation America. Not exactly sure why so many alt media followers didn't see it coming with DJ Trump but I suspect they fell into the "'Christian alt right psyop". There was never much of a choice just the agenda lumbering along regardless of the colour of your team.

    We have an election in NZ in a few weeks...not exactly sure what to do with my voting papers none of it makes sense to me any more.
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