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Hi there, thank you for being zo kind. I can only imagine cool People here. Kind, warm friendly People who only want everybody to be happy and enjoying life, nature, each others compagny, and so on. People who understand the danger we 're in, but instead


My name is Loes and I'm from Holland. Six months ago I awakened though I knew as a child that there was something wrong with the picture. I just didn't know what exactly.
Because my friend Subscribed me to a YouTube channel about UFO's, called The Secureteam10, (wich at first I didn't even watched but just deleted the notifications...) until there was an interesting toppic. Searching through the related video's YouTube shows you I came across Steven Greer and watched the disclosure tapes multiple times, wich completely bavelled me, got into the free energy topic , wich made me very angry and the 9/11 topic wich made me even more angry. I've learned about cemtrails and the severe worrying vaccinationprogram, the fluoride in the drinkingwater, the satanic pedofile childsacraficing deep government and just when I started to panic I fortunally discoverd Freeman tv. This would be like three months ago. So the past three months I've watched as many Freeman episodes as possible (and beyond... )because obviously I've got a lot to catch up with. I've heard about the friendshipagenda and friends of Freeman and this made me so happy, because like many of us, if you want to talk about these topics to your friends and family, they look at you as if they want to lock you up in a hospital for psychiatric patiënts, wich makes me sad.
So here I Am!!



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  • Loessie
    by Loessie 18 days ago
    Hi there, thank you for being so kind
  • dudeface
    by dudeface 18 days ago
    welcome...............lots of very cool people here.............peace and love

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