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My path to this place has had it's ups and downs. I'm sure you've all been angry at times when realizing the situation we are in and the state of our planet. But, I stopped feeding them that energy a long time ago.
I try and replace all negativity with LOVE. Living-One-Vibrational-Energy.
I want us all to be filled with unlimited energy and LOVE. I practice the power of silence everyday. I've learned to stop the chase and be a witness. I'm learning to trust my inner nature to discover my inner intuition to show me my path. We're all here for a reason, I'm just not sure what my mission is yet. But, my path seems to be unfolding everyday as I look more closely at the coincidences that occur.
I love nature and animals and wish everyone on this planet would see our universe as energetic and sacred.
It's great to be a part of something so positive!
~LOVE to you all!





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  • Lolly Gaggins
    by Lolly Gaggins 3 years ago
    Thanks so much for the positive review of our products and we'll gladly make you guys a custom Moai anytime :)
  • Mater X
    by Mater X 3 years ago
    hello again dear friend :)
  • dudeface
    by dudeface 4 years ago
    hi there............good to see ya back. I got lucky and live in the high side of calgary. escaped all flooding.............but it was real bad near the rivers. stampede park suffered most..............i just hope they dont cancel rush in 2 weeks, the saddle dome was full of water!!! hope you are also well .....................peace and love
  • phichick
    by phichick 4 years ago
    We found each other again lol So good to hear from you. Lots of love.XXX
  • sean scotland
    by sean scotland 5 years ago
    hi yeah was great chatting the sites great better than fakebook lol
  • sean scotland
    by sean scotland 5 years ago
    hi again ray
  • magi
    by magi 5 years ago
    Hi there , thinking of you also.... sungazing is amazing lol ....I don't really count anymore, I just gaze til I am filled up with light...can't get enough :)
    peace and blessings
  • Psonik
    by Psonik 5 years ago
    in honour of our craziest caller lol
  • SteveGadafi
    by SteveGadafi 5 years ago
    Yeah most of that orgonite has been gifted lol no more horrid towers.The radio shows are going great we got a whole summer of madness coming up so keep tuned for some English festivals so big love to you and all of Canada
  • SteveGadafi
    by SteveGadafi 5 years ago
    Hi Ray how you doing ?

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