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yeah - its spring here now and have rotary hoed to get our food in for ourselves and our friends/community for the season. Our land is still fertile but if we dont stop this air carnage it won't be for long. NZ is GMO free - lol, so the public here beli


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  • NZ Rose
    by NZ Rose 10 months ago
    Hi kimosabe - YES!
  • Kimosabe
    by Kimosabe 10 months ago
    Hi Rose, are you on here any longer? Cheers
  • cats pajamas
    by cats pajamas 10 months ago
    Ahh its the Wahine Toa! Kiaora babe ;)
  • Eternal Tree
    by Eternal Tree 5 years ago
    Smiles. hello you, your just awsome, and everywhere it seems hehehe, thanks for your warmth and well just taking the time to care :-) great pic with david icke, Cheers Pete and Mihi
  • Vladmir not Vladimir
    by Vladmir not Vladimir 5 years ago
    Kia ora Sis, how's life? I miss my mate Wiliam Wetere from over your way. And Glen the Maori who I used to busk with in Cairns. How's the Manuka honey production?
  • Marley
    by Marley 5 years ago
    Hey love. I've been here for a few months. Since his interview with Mel. I just finished your interview with Freeman and Jamie. It was spectacular, girl! Keep up the amazing work, sis. You are the change we need to see!
  • J.J. Draa
    by J.J. Draa 5 years ago
    great show, thanks :)
  • Au Tiko
    by Au Tiko 5 years ago
    Dude, info overload in this place. :)
  • phichick
    by phichick 5 years ago
    Hey Rose great show with Freeman and Jamie (really good to hear Jamie.)Perhaps you could put the youtube video of the show up on your page cos I couldn't access the show from the link you sent.
  • Lobo
    by Lobo 5 years ago
    SPECTACULAR SHOW Rose. Bravo. Look forward to more soon. Happy 2012 xoxo Lobo

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