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    Journalist whisperer: Lavrov gives perfect answer to extremely boring question

    27 May 2017, 10:28 pm
    Russia's Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov shows once again why he's an all-star diplomat Russia's Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov is an experienced journalist whisperer—giving him all the skills he needs to subdue feral members of the press. Sometimes these wild beasts ask questions so profoundly mindless that you can actually feel your brain-cells being kidnapped by ISIS and lowered into a shark tank.

    Saudi Arabia releases video showing men how to beat their wives

    27 May 2017, 8:18 pm
    The national television of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has aired a video, in which a self-styled Islamic family doctor is seen teaching men in the country how to 'properly' beat their wives. The video is believed to have been aired in the country in early February, 2016. The Kingdom's government is said to have approved the video, and that is why it was given airtime on national television. After airing the video in Saudi Arabia, the Saudi government released the controversial video in the United States via the Washington DC-based Middle East Media Research Institute, in April 2016. Women activists group describe the video as nothing less than infuriating.

    Seen a Bigfoot? Call Bigfoot 911 and this North Carolina group may investigate

    27 May 2017, 8:17 pm
    Charlotteans who think they may have spotted Bigfoot in their yard are being advised their best option, as far as a sympathetic ear, is to call Bigfoot 911. The McDowell News is reporting that Bigfoot 911 is a small but dedicated group of investigators who have quietly spent the past few years poking around the woods McDowell County in search of the legendary Bigfoot, or as some call him, Sasquatch. Bigfoot 911, which formed in 2014, claims to have extensive evidence that Bigfoot exists, says the News. But they call it "The Beast of the Blue Ridge." "What we do is Bigfoot expeditions in McDowell County," Bigfoot 911 creator John Bruner told McDowell News. "We've collected a ton of evidence, mostly photographs." Bruner is a lieutenant and SMAT coordinator with McDowell EMS, it was reported. His Bigfoot 911 operation has about 50 members according to its Facebook page, including one guy who is billed as an "expert Bigfoot caller."

    Israel: Palestinian prisoners end hunger strikes, main demands met

    27 May 2017, 8:11 pm
    Palestinian prisoners jailed in Israel have ended hunger strikes following the agreement reached after negotiations between Israel, the Palestinian Authority and the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC), The Jerusalem Post reported Saturday, citing the Israeli Prison Service. In late April, hundreds of Palestinians in Israeli prisons started hunger strikes demanding better detention conditions. In particular, the prisoners demanded ending solitary confinement and detention without trial and the right for more family visits. The strikes even led escalation of tensions between the Palestinian and Israeli sides, with several clashes erupted since the end of April. According to The Jerusalem Post newspaper, the sides reached an agreement, which guarantees that the prisoners will now have two family visits per month instead of one. The problem with family visits was reportedly caused due to the lack of finances in the ICRC, which previously paid for the transportation costs and had to cut the funding of second visits. Now, in line with the agreement, the Palestinian Authority takes the responsibility for paying the costs of second family visits.

    Trump's unhappy NATO visit as US and Europe drift farther apart

    27 May 2017, 8:08 pm
    European leaders [are] annoyed by Trump's calls to increase defence spending, making NATO look too obviously like a protection racket. Having been showered with compliments in Saudi Arabia and Israel, Donald Trump's visit to Europe where he has met the US's formal allies in the NATO and G7 formats, have gone unhappily. Despite efforts on both sides to patch things up, it is impossible to avoid the sense that Trump and his erstwhile "allies" don't like each other very much. Not only has Trump had uncomfortable meetings with Merkel and Macron, and not only did his shoving aside the Prime Minister of Montenegro look like a snub, but I doubt that Trump himself realises how irritated most of his European allies are by his constant calls that they increase their defence spending. These calls Trump made again during the summit and in blunt language and at extraordinary length: