Pyramid Scandal Truth Unveiled/German Testimony

eg: stopmotion, new-york, street Statement made on: 18 December 2013 Dear Robert Bauval, As discussed with you I would like to send you our statement about our research project within the Cheops Pyramid. At first I would like to thank you that we can help to solve the situation in a friendly way. Let me testify again that this activity was not started to hurt the Egyptian heritage. So we want to apologize that so many Egyptian people became angry about us. Therefore, it is a pleasure to send you our statement in which we carefully explain our goals and implementation in order to calm down the controversy. Robert, I am a student of Thor Heyerdahl, a member of the European Association of Experimental Archaeology as well as of the Explorers Club New York and a scientist with international scientifically connections. I would never damage the cultural heritage of the Egyptian nation. Please accept our apology and request for understanding. As I have already explained to DR Osman and his dear Minister Ibrahim the provided data are very interesting. They will bring new evidence in the research of the 4th dynasty. By all means we have avoided publishing the scientific findings. It was very important for us that we could establish a trustworthy and faithful relationship between you and us. These data have to be discussed and solved between scientists in an agreeable manner and not ripped by the media or by other hostilities. Therefore our communication with you as well as with DR Osman is very important. So we are very grateful that you will help us to save our scientifically approach and the opportunity for a diplomatic dialogue. You should be also aware that we are daily contacted by numberless worldwide requests from the Print and TV media. However, we will strictly keep our promise to DR Osman and the minister of antiquity. We do not spread any information to the wrong people. Accordingly we appreciate a further communication -- particularly in behalf of science and for the Egyptian culture. As discussed I would state again what we have discussed 1. We had a permission to visit the pyramid. 2. We had not planned to enter the Upper Chambers. It has unexpectedly happened by a change of our exploration method. 3. We definitively did not touch the "Chufu cartouche" in the Upper Chambers. 4. We did just take tiny examples from the so called "Vyse paintings" few meters away from the cartouche and tiny examples from the ceiling of the king chambers. We did just take milligrams. We never steeled anything. We even want to bring back anything in a well scientifically investigated way to the whole Egyptian Society. 5. We can testify that our Egyptians accompaniers were not aware what we did and they are innocent. This also means that they were not paid by us with any "black money"! 6. And of course, in a case of cooperation we would coordinate and tune all the releases together with the Egyptian department. 7. We also offer to pay a fee about our entering of the Upper Chambers. 8. And we offer full access to our data if it will be used in the behalf of science and of the legacy of the Egyptian civilization. In our both letters to the Minister of Antiquity and DR Osman we have already explained our motivation. Therefore, I do not repeat everything here. However, again I would like to apologize and to put forth one's hand for better cooperation in the future. Mr. Erdmann and I are convinced that there will be possibly a friendly solution which will not damage both parties. Please do not misunderstand our activity as an attack against the Egyptian culture. This was never in our minds! We did it fully awareness for science and the search of truth. The Egyptian experts not the media people shall get our knowledge what we have achieved. I hope you can spread this information to the right people in Egypt. We appreciate your efforts and we are looking forward for further suggestions. Sincerely, Dr. Dominique Görlitz & Stefan Erdmann PS: In the behalf of Mr. Stefan Erdmann I also send you his statement. Music Intro provided for the show by Nemanja Kostic see his YouTube channel @

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