The "Lost" Photo Vault of Laurence Galian

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Extremely late last night, I was cleaning up my email, unsubscribing from all sorts of spam-type advertisements, when I came upon a company name that sounded vaguely familiar. Before hitting the spam button, or going to "unsubscribe", I decided to check out the site. To my utter amazement, I found that they had stored a video filled with photos that I had thought were long lost. And the video was accompanied by a musical improvisation that I love but also thought was forever lost. Well, here it is. The video is a roller-coaster ride through my unconscious mind. It's very intense to view the contents of my unconscious (kind of like reading a Philip K. Dick or Charles Bukowski novel), but I really like the music, and those of you who have followed me for many years know that I really believe in transparency. And so, I am opening my “vault” to you. Also, a shout-out to all the new people who have recently LIKED my Facebook Laurence Galian public figure page. I want to tell you I personally appreciate your taking the time out to have a look around and LIKE my page. I look forward to getting to know you. And for all you old-timers . . . you’ve stayed with me through thick and thin. Good times, and bad times. I hope you feel that your faith in me has been worth it and that I’m continuing to give you the content, inspiration, and authenticity that you expect from me. Follow me on: Facebook: Music ©2017 Laurence Galian. All rights reserved. My Animoto Video - created at

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